Find a Surgeon Near You - Tips to Find the Best General Surgeons in Your Area

How to Find Surgeons Near Me?

There are several ways to find a general surgeon near you:

  • Use online directories such as Google Maps or Yelp to search for general surgeons in your area.
  • Check with your insurance provider to see if they have a list of in-network general surgeons.
  • Visit the websites of professional medical associations, such as the American College of Surgeons (ACS), to find general surgeons in your area who are members.
  • Ask friends or family members if they can recommend a general surgeon.
  • Try online search engines and typing "General surgeon near me" or "Surgeon near me".
  • Using apps like Healthgrades, NexHealth for finding the nearby general surgeon.

It is also important to check the qualifications, certification, and experience of the general surgeon before making an appointment. Additionally, you may want to check if the surgeon has any malpractice history or disciplinary actions.

Tips Book an Appointment with Surgeon Near You

Here are some tips for booking an appointment with a surgeon near you:

  • Contact the surgeon's office: You can call or visit the surgeon's office to inquire about availability and schedule an appointment.
  • Provide your insurance information: Make sure to have your insurance information ready when you call or visit the office, as the staff will need it to confirm your coverage.
  • Be prepared to provide medical history: The surgeon will need to know your medical history, so have a list of any medications you are taking, previous surgeries, and any chronic health conditions.
  • Ask about the availability of virtual consultations: Some surgeons are now offering virtual consultations, which can be a convenient option for those who are unable to visit the office in person.
  • Use the apps mentioned above Healthgrades, NexHealth for booking an appointment.
  • Be specific about the reason for the appointment and mention if it is an emergency or not.
  • Confirm the appointment date and time, and ask for any necessary preparation or paperwork that need to be done before the appointment.
  • If you are unable to keep the scheduled appointment, make sure to call the office as soon as possible to reschedule or cancel.

Top General Surgeons! Find the Best Surgeons Near Me


1. Dr. Brett C. Sheppard

General Surgery
OHSU Gastroenterology Clinic, Marquam Hill
3161 Sw Pavilion Loop,
Portland, OR
Contact- (503) 494-8311

Brett Sheppard has been a General Surgeon in Portland, Oregon, for over 39 years and is highly regarded in 36 ailments. His primary areas of specialization are endoscopy, small bowel resection, pancreatic cancer, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, and pancreatic adenoma. He is authorized to serve patients in Oregon. New patients are now being accepted by Sheppard.


2. Dr. Ricardo J. Gonzalez

General Surgery | Surgical Oncology
Moffitt Cancer Center
12902 Usf Magnolia Dr,
Tampa, FL
Contact- (813) 967-8233

Ricardo Gonzalez is a Tampa, Florida-based general surgeon and surgical oncologist. Gonzalez has 26 years of experience and, based on our data, is highly regarded in 33 conditions. His specialties include Liposarcoma, Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma, Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma, Colostomy, and Hernia Surgery. He is authorized to treat patients in Florida. Gonzalez is now taking on new patients.


3. Dr. David S. Kwon

General Surgery | Surgical Oncology
Henry Ford Medical Center - Bloomfield Twp
1961 S Telegraph Rd,
Bloomfield Township, MI
Contact- (888) 777-4167

David Kwon is a General Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Kwon has been practicing medicine for over 20 years and ranks well in 30 ailments. His primary specialties include Gastrectomy, Small Bowel Resection, Pancreatoblastoma, Familial Pancreatic Cancer, and Pancreatic Cancer. He is authorized to treat patients in Texas and Michigan. New patients are now being accepted by Kwon.


4. Dr. Sanjay S. Reddy

General Surgery
Temple University Health System
Fox Chase Cancer Center, 333
Cottman Ave,
Philadelphia, PA
Contact- (215) 214-1437

Sanjay Reddy practices general surgery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our statistics show that Reddy has 16+ years of experience and is well-rated in 29 ailments. His primary specialties include hernia surgery, retroperitoneal liposarcoma, colostomy, and pancreatic cancer. In Pennsylvania, he is authorized to provide medical care. New patients are now being accepted by Reddy.


5. Dr. Rasa Zarnegar

General Surgery
NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System
Weill Cornell Medicine
520 E 70th St,
New York, NY
Contact- (646) 962-5250

Rasa Zarnegar practices in New York. Our data show that Zarnegar has been in the medical field for more than 24 years and is highly regarded in 29 ailments. His primary areas of competence are endoscopy, hernia surgery, lymphofollicular hyperplasia, hiatal hernia, and hernia. He has a medical license in New York to practice medicine.

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6. Dr. John A. Ridge

General Surgery | Surgical Oncology | Otolaryngology
Temple University Health System
Main Campus
333 Cottman Ave,
Philadelphia, PA
Contact- (888) 369-2427

Dr. John Ridge is a General Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ridge has been a physician for over 42 years and is highly regarded in 28 ailments. His primary specialties include tissue biopsy, laryngectomy, salivary gland tumors, oral squamous cell carcinoma, and tongue cancer. He has a Pennsylvania license to practice medicine. Ridge is now taking on new patients.


7. Dr. Rafael O. Toro-Serra

General Surgery | Otolaryngology
Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center
22 W Underwood St,
Orlando, FL
Contact- (407) 648-5384

Rafael Toro-Serra practices both general surgery and otolaryngology in Orlando, Florida. Toro-Serra has been a physician for over 18 years and is highly regarded for 27 ailments. His primary specialties include tissue biopsy, laryngectomy, laryngeal cancer, tongue cancer, and male pattern baldness. He has a license to practice medicine in Florida. New patients are now being accepted by Toro-Serra.


8. Dr. Sabino Zani

General Surgery
Duke Health
Durham VA Health Care System
508 Fulton St,
Durham, NC
Contact- (919) 660-9673

Sabino Zani practices in Durham, North Carolina. He has been a physician for over 20 years and is well-rated in 27 ailments. His main specialties include endoscopy, fibrolamellar carcinoma, small bowel resection, neuroendocrine tumor, and pancreatic cancer. He has a license to practice medicine in North Carolina and Connecticut.


9. Dr. Marc A. Passman

General Surgery | Vascular Surgery
USA Health
UAB Hospital-Highlands
1201 11th Ave S,
Birmingham, AL
Contact- (205) 996-8276

Marc Passman is a General Surgeon and Vascular Surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama. Passman has been a practicing physician for over 32 years and is highly regarded for 26 ailments. His primary specialties include Carotid Artery Surgery, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA), Aneurysm Repair, Peripheral Artery Disease, and Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm. Passman is now taking on new patients.


10. Dr. Francisco A. Durazo

General Surgery | Gastroenterology
Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin
The Medical College Of Wisconsin Inc
9200 W Wisconsin Ave,
Milwaukee, WI
Contact- (414) 805-6400

Francisco Durazo is a gastroenterologist and general Surgeon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Durazo has been a physician for over 42 years and is highly regarded for 26 ailments. Hepatitis, Hepatitis C, alcoholic cirrhosis, liver transplantation, and pancreas transplantation rank among his main specialties. He has a license to practice medicine in Wisconsin and California.

Want to know about the "Best General Surgeons In New York?" Let us first understand what the term general surgeons mean! The general surgeons are skilled in every step of the surgical operation, from preoperative planning to actual surgery and postoperative care. Surgery involves the removal or repair of unhealthy or damaged tissue. Specifically, general surgeons concentrate on the stomach and colon as well as other abdominal organs. However, there are various specialties of Surgeons, like hand surgeons near me, plastic surgeons near me, and many more. But then why the general surgeon specialty is on demand? Nowadays, laparoscopy and other minimally invasive procedures are commonly used by general surgeons. Smaller instruments, such as microscopic cameras that enable the Surgeon to observe what is happening inside your body, are used during laparoscopic procedures. Because of these specialized tools, surgeons may perform surgeries with considerably smaller incisions than conventional techniques.

General surgeons are well-versed in a wide range of illnesses and disorders. They will provide recommendations regarding whether you require the best form of surgery. At various stages of life, you might look for a "dental surgeon near me," "cosmetic surgery near me," or even "oral surgeons near me"; therefore, surgeons play a crucial role in the healthcare industry.

Are you looking for the top general surgeons of USA? Locate a renowned general surgeon in United States specializing in your condition. Your doctor might recommend a general surgeon if they don't think non-surgical treatments would be effective enough. Surgical intervention may be necessary if other therapies have failed.

Top Questions to Ask a Surgeon During an Appoitment

When you meet with a surgeon for the first time, it is important to ask any questions you may have about the surgery and the recovery process. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • What are the risks and benefits of the surgery?
  • How long will the surgery take and what type of anesthesia will be used?
  • What is the recovery time and what kind of follow-up care will be necessary?
  • How experienced are you in performing this type of surgery?
  • Can you give me an estimate of the costs involved and if my insurance will cover it?
  • Are there any alternative treatments available?
  • What are the chances of success and what are the potential complications?
  • How will the surgery affect my daily life and activities?
  • Are there any precautions that I need to take before and after the surgery?
  • Can I see some before and after pictures of patients who underwent the same surgery?

It is always a good idea to bring a written list of questions with you to the appointment to ensure that you don't forget to ask anything.

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