Top 10 Best Hospitals for Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

Understanding Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

Gastroenterology is a medical branch that focuses on the digestive system and diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the digestive system, including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. Some common conditions treated by gastroenterologists include acid reflux, inflammatory bowel disease (such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis), hepatitis, and colon cancer.

Gastroenterologists use a variety of diagnostic tests and procedures to evaluate and treat digestive disorders. These may include endoscopy (a procedure in which a thin, flexible pipe with a light and camera is inserted into the body to view the inside of the digestive tract), colonoscopy (a similar procedure used to examine the colon), and upper gastrointestinal series (a test that uses x-rays to view the upper digestive system). GI surgeons work closely with gastroenterologists to diagnose and treat various digestive disorders. They may use a variety of surgical techniques, including laparoscopic surgery (which uses small incisions and specialized instruments to perform the procedure), robotic surgery, and open surgery. The specific type of surgery chosen will depend on the patient's specific condition and the medical team's recommendations.


How to Find The Best Hospital Near You?

It is important to choose a hospital that has a team of experienced specialists who can perform the said surgeries and diagnose them successfully. There are several factors that can contribute to a hospital being considered the best in the world. Some of these may include:

  • Highly trained and experienced medical staff: The hospital should have a team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are highly skilled and have a lot of experience in their fields.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology: The hospital should have access to the latest and most advanced medical equipment and technology, which can help improve patient outcomes.
  • High patient satisfaction rates: The hospital should have a track record of successful patient outcomes, with a high percentage of patients experiencing positive results after receiving treatment.
  • A focus on patient safety: The hospital should prioritize patient safety and should have protocols in place to minimize the risk of errors or accidents.

In this blog, we will review some of the top hospitals for gastroenterology and GI surgery in the United States that satisfy the following conditions.

Top 10 Best Hospitals For Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

According to the most recent U.S. News & World Report rankings, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, are the best US hospitals for gastroenterology and gastrointestinal (GI) operations. Meanwhile, UCLA Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic are ranked third and fourth, respectively.

Regardless, below is a list of the top ten Gastroenterology & GI Surgery Hospitals in 2022-2023.

1. Mayo Clinic


Source: Mayo Clinic

Doctors in Mayo Clinic's Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology form a diversified team of highly qualified professionals to care for patients with the digestive tract and liver illnesses. They specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating digestive and liver problems. These primarily comprise pancreatic, liver, gallbladder, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon problems. The Division of Gastroenterology and Gi Surgery at Mayo Clinic is one of the biggest and most experienced in the world, with 13 specialty teams and more than 140 digestive disease specialists on hospital staff. It is ranked #1 in both the Best Hospitals Honor Roll and for Gastroenterology & GI Surgery.


Source: U.S. News

2. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

The General Gastroenterology Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center offers outpatient and inpatient therapy for a wide range of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases, as well as highly individualized consultation and longitudinal care. Specialists at the center perform advanced diagnostic tests and screenings, such as colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, upper endoscopy, and breath testing, to get to the root of the disease. The trained care teams can detect and treat common GI problems such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and Helicobacter pylori infection swiftly and precisely, offering optimal patient care every step of the way. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, is placed 2nd in both the Best Hospitals Honor Roll and Gastroenterology & GI Surgery categories.


Source: U.S. News

3. UCLA Medical Center

The UCLA Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Division of Digestive Diseases have been acknowledged as one of the world's leading clinical and research facilities since its foundation in 1953. They treat both common and uncommon digestive system disorders and ailments. UCLA Medical Center patients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, holistic care, access to clinical trials and research, and training and education. They also provide a variety of programs to address digestive issues and GI nutritional concerns, such as the Celiac Disease Program, the Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), the Center for Obesity and METabolic Health (COMET), general gastroenterology, the GI Motility Program, and others. The hospital is named No. 5 on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll and No. 3 in Gastroenterology and GI Surgery.


Source: U.S. News

4. Cleveland Clinic

The Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute (DDSI) at Cleveland Clinic offers patients the highest advanced level of medical and surgical care, with a primary focus on the safe and effective treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses. DDSI, one of the top digestive illness centers in the country, is the first of its kind to bring together all specialists in one unique, completely integrated model of care targeted at improving the patient experience. Cleveland Clinic is ranked No. 4 on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll and as one of the nation's top Gastroenterology & GI Surgery hospitals, ranking No. 4 nationally.


Source: U.S. News

5. NYU Langone Hospitals

The Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at NYU Langone Health is committed to patient care excellence, breakthroughs in research and innovation, the highest standards in teaching and outreach, and a humanistic approach to medicine. These four fundamental concepts guide them to prevent, diagnose, and treat gastrointestinal illnesses. The hospital is placed 3rd on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll, with national rankings in 14 adults and three pediatric specialties. It is ranked 5th in the country for the best Gastroenterology & GI Surgery care.


Source: U.S. News

6. Keck Medical Center of USC

Digestive illnesses can be difficult and have an impact on one's quality of life. The staff at USC's Keck Medical Center provides compassionate, innovative care that is tailored to your specific requirements and wellness objectives. They treat a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders, such as colon cancer, liver illness, and inflammatory bowel disease. The team is typically comprised of experts in gastroenterology, oncology, endoscopy, imaging, and surgery to provide comprehensive care. The doctors are research leaders, giving you access to sophisticated treatment techniques and the most recent surgical advances. According to U.S. News and World Report, the center is nationally ranked in eight adult specializations and rated high performing in two. It is ranked 6th for the finest Gastroenterology & GI Surgery care.


Source: U.S. News

7. Northwestern Medicine-Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Northwestern Medicine provides thorough evaluations and therapies for digestive tract and associated organ problems. Gastroenterologists, endoscopists, and other GI health professionals collaborate with patients to reduce symptoms and treat their condition or disease. Northwestern Medicine gastroenterologists provide comprehensive, cutting-edge care to patients suffering from simple to complex digestive diseases or disorders such as Barrett's esophagus, Celiac disease, Colorectal disease, Esophageal disorders, and others. The hospital is ranked No. 9 on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll and No. 7 on the list of the best Gastroenterology & GI Surgery hospitals in the country.


Source: U.S. News

8. Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Methodist is known in Texas and around the world for treating digestive issues with cutting-edge treatments and the latest technology. Patients come from all over the country to see highly skilled doctors who diagnose people who have been suffering for years with conditions restricting them from working and lowering their overall quality of life. Its professionals in gastroenterology, surgery, cancer, and radiology work together to provide patients with comprehensive, innovative, and compassionate care. U.S. News & World Report ranks Houston Methodist Hospital first in Texas and 8th in the nation for gastroenterology and GI surgery.


Source: U.S. News

9. Mayo Clinic-Phoenix

Mayo Clinic has campuses around the United States, including one in Phoenix, Arizona. The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix is a comprehensive medical center that provides a variety of medical services, such as primary care, specialized care, and surgery. The Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, which offers a number of medical school programs, is also located on the Phoenix site. Mayo Clinic - Phoenix has been named the nation's 9th top hospital for gastroenterology and GI surgery and the 18th best hospital overall.


Source: U.S. News

10. Johns Hopkins Hospital

The Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology at Johns Hopkins Hospital enhances the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gastrointestinal and liver disease through excellent patient care, teaching, and research. They want to help enhance the learning, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gastrointestinal and liver diseases by making a charitable donation to the Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology. The hospital is named No. 5 on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll and is nationally ranked in 15 adults and 10 pediatric disciplines. It is also ranked No. 10 on the list of the best gastroenterology and hepatology hospitals.


Source: U.S. News

In Conclusion

It is crucial to note that this list is not exhaustive, and there can be other excellent hospitals for gastroenterology and GI surgery throughout the United States. It is always a good practice to do extensive research on these said hospitals and choose the best according to your budget, patient satisfaction, patient safety, and whole other parameters. So there you have it, the top 10 best hospitals for Gastroenterology & GI Surgery in the USA in 2022-2023.

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