Who Can Use Our Nurses Email List?

Nurse mailing list can be beneficial for various individuals and organizations in the healthcare industry.

  • Nurse Recruiters
  • Educational Institutions
  • Medical Suppliers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Healthcare Equipment Dealers
  • Healthcare Associations
  • Healthcare Staffing Agencies
  • Nursing Schools & Programs
  • Nursing Technology Companies
  • Hospital Training Programs

Features of Our Nurses Email List

  • 510K+ Verified Nurses Emails for Nurse Recruitment
  • Customizable to Fit for Your Campaigns
  • CAN-SPAM, GDPR Compliant Nurse Emails
  • DNC-compliant telephone numbers
  • 100% Data Ownership - You Own the Data
  • 85-90% Inbox Delivery Guarantee
  • Unlimited usage rights
nurses mailing list

Customization Data Selects

The highlighting feature of an email list is its ability to customize! And the nursing email list can be customized according to the needs of businesses. You can filter through a list of data fields and select the attributes that suit your campaign the most. This can include hospital affiliation, job titles/functions, SIC & NAICS codes, area of specialization, practice type, geography, licensing state, number of nurses on site, board certification, years of experience, etc. With this, you can be confident of reaching the right audience, increasing the likelihood of a positive response and successful campaign. This will also ensure that you generate more revenue, increase open rates, and lower unsubscribe rates.

Below are the selects available for customization:

  • Nurses Specialty
  • NPI Number
  • Patient Volume
  • Practice Type
  • Hospital Affiliation
  • Medical Group Affiliations
  • Subspecialty Details
  • Practice Management/EHR
  • State License, DEA/UPIN
  • Physical Location

Data Fields Available

The data fields in a nurse email list comprises accurate contact information. We are committed to delivering customized nurses mailing lists tailored to your unique business requirements. Get our error-free nursing mailing lists and broaden your business marketing efforts beyond a single channel.

  • Nurse Full Name
  • Nurse Email List
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number
  • Nurses Specialty
  • Nurse License Number
  • Years of Experience
  • Primary Area of Practice
  • NPI/DEA/UPIN Number
  • Job Title / Function
  • State License Numbers
  • Certifications and Trainings
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • Practice Type
  • Geographic Location
  • Social Media Handles

Data Privacy and Security

Healthcare Mailing keeps a 100% privacy-compliant registered nurse email lists that adheres to all international and local privacy laws. We also keep our mailing addresses CASS-certified and telephone numbers DNC-compliant. Pursue your multi-channel marketing campaigns without hassle with our 100% opt-in and privacy-compliant list of nurses.

data privacy compliant

Choose the Right Job Titles for Your Campaign

There are more than a hundred job titles included in the nurse database, and your target audience may not be all. As a result, customization plays a crucial role in determining the success of your marketing campaigns. So be smart, and take the time to customize your list before purchasing!

Chief Nursing Officer Nursing Manager Nurse Practitioner Nursing Director
Clinical Nurse Acute Care Nurse Psychiatric Nurse Med Surgical Nurse
Critical Care Nurse Practitioner Critical Care CNS Nurse Recruiter Oncology Nurse
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Research Nurse RN Staffing Nurse Educator
Dialysis Nurse Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Orthopedic Nurse Radiology Nurse
Radiation Oncology Nurse Neurology Nurse Pediatric Oncology Nurse Nephrology Nurse
Surgical Nurse Practitioner RN Case Manager Pain Management Nurse Family Nurse Practitioner
Dermatology Nurse Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Gastroenterology Nurse Home Health Nurse
Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner RN Hospice School Nurse Occupational Health Nurse
Research Nurse Practitioner Nurse Consultant Child Care Nurse Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner
Obstetrics Nurse Community Health Nurse Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Public Health Nurse
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Critical Care Nurse Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Registered Nurse Cardiac
Pediatric Nurse Physician Office Nurse Geriatric Nurse Nurse Gynecology

Personalize Our Nurses Email List by Varied Practice Settings

You can segment the list based on the practice settings for your nurse marketing or nurse recruitment campaigns.

Administration Education/Instruction/Academic Nurses Community Health/Health Dept Nurses Dentist Office Nurse Anesthetist
Critical Care Nurse Anesthetist Extended Care Facility Nurses Clinic Nurses Surgical Centers-CRNA
Home Health Nurses Hospital Clinics Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Managed Care
Mental Health Center Nursing Home/Staff Obstetrical Delivery Room-CRNA Occupational Health
Office Practice Ophthalmologist Office-CRNA Outpatient Surgical Centers-CRNA Pain Management Clinics
Pharmacy/Retail Clinics Plastic Surgeon’s Office-RN Public Health Services-RN School/College

Data Collection Methods

We prioritize quantity and quality in our contact directory. As a result, our data solutions are highly reliable and deliverable. To maintain the data accuracy, reputable data providers like us reply on the most trusted publicly accessible or privately owned sources.

Benefits of Using Our Nurses Email List

Acquiring Nurse Practitioners Mailing Lists can bring about several benefits. Apart from providing verified and highly responsive data, we offers a wide array of global contacts, which can enhance marketing initiatives and boost the likelihood of converting leads.

We offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Privacy-compliant data : A unique benefit of using a nurse email address list is that you get privacy-compliant data, provided that the list is obtained through legal and ethical means. By partnering with a reputable provider, you can ensure that your email marketing campaigns comply with data privacy laws such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM. This not only helps you avoid legal and reputational risks, but it also helps you build trust with your potential customers by demonstrating your commitment to ethical business practices.
  • High response rate : Our nurse email database can exceptionally increase the response rate of your marketing messages. This is because a list of registered nurses provides you with contact information for individuals who are more likely to be interested in your products and services. Moreover, with details such as names, job titles, location, and area of specialization, you can create tailored marketing messages that will address the receiver on an individual level. This will increase the likelihood that your messages will be read and acted upon.
  • Access to different Nursing specialties : Investing in an email list of nurses will allow you to tap into the diverse range of nursing specialties, such as public health nurses, nurse midwives, ambulatory care nurses, oncology nurses, clinical nurse specialists, pediatric nurse practitioners, rehabilitation nurses, neurology nurses, ob/gyn nurses, community health nurses, critical care nurses, and lots more.
  • Cost-effective : Registered nurses email list can make your marketing campaign cost-effective. By targeting your marketing efforts to individuals who are interested in your products and services, you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. You can effectively engage this segmented group through email marketing, which is more pocket-friendly than most adverts, such as print ads or TV commercials. With this, you can reach a large audience with minimal investment.
  • Build relationships : Consistent and meaningful communication with nurses through email is essential for building strong and lasting relationships. Regularly sharing relevant and valuable information establishes trust and credibility with your target audience, which is crucial in a highly competitive healthcare industry. In addition, consistent communication can position your brand as a thought leader in the industry by demonstrating your expertise and providing useful insights that can benefit nurses in their daily work.

Why Us?

The healthcare marketing landscape is currently more promising than ever. If you're not achieving your desired results due to a low-performing nurses database that contains outdated and redundant information, we can help. Our database is updated every month to eliminate duplicates and ensure accuracy.

Don't have complete confidence in our services yet? Contact our team via email or phone - we're always eager to hear from you! You can even request a sample list of Nurses to evaluate the quality of our services. Request a quote today!

100% Verified Nurse Email Lists

Our nurse email list includes verified contact information for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, and other nursing professionals across various specialties and locations. Contact us today to get access to our nurses mailing lists and start reaching out to nursing professionals today!


Yes! Healthcare Mailing's Nurse mailing lists have been created keeping in mind businesses' strategic requirements. As a result, the list is ideal for a wide range of marketing endeavors, including email marketing, direct mail marketing, social media marketing, telemarketing, event, etc.

The cost per contact would range from $0.10 to $2.00, depending on customization and specifications. However, Our pricing structure is flexible, and we also offer a volume pricing model, which means the more contacts you purchase, the lower the price per contact.

At Healthcare Mailing, we take pride in providing high-quality and accurate data to our clients. Our Nurse mailing list has a contact accuracy of 90% and an email deliverability rate of 85-90%, meaning that your emails have a higher chance of reaching the right inboxes. Our team utilizes advanced data cleansing and verification techniques to ensure that our email lists are free of invalid or outdated email addresses, resulting in higher deliverability rates for your email campaigns.