Acupuncturists Near me - How to find an acupuncturist near you?

Looking for an acupuncturist near me or the best acupuncturists near me? Today, acupuncturists play an increasingly essential role in healthcare. These best rated acupuncturists near me cure illness and enhance health by stimulating specific spots on the body with sterilized needles or other procedures involving heat, pressure, or electrical stimulation. Acupuncture can be frightening if you're new to holistic health as a treatment. How can inserting needles into your skin make you feel better? Doesn't that sting?

Types Of Acupuncturist

  • Auricular Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Teishein
  • Laser Acupuncture
  • Korean Acupuncture
  • Japanese Style Acupuncture

No, it's not the excruciatingly painful treatment you may imagine, especially given that it's been studied and done for over 2,500 years.

According to a reliable source, acupuncture fans may be onto something. Some individuals swear by acupuncture, calling it a "miracle" treatment for anything from melancholy and allergies to morning sickness and cramping.

Acupuncture can help with pain relief and a variety of other issues. However, the precise mechanism by which it operates is unknown. Some think it works by harmonizing vital energies, while others believe it has some neurological effect. So put a halt to your curious mind, and here are the answers! Read ahead to explore top acupuncturists near me and learn more about acupuncturists.

The list of top 10 acupuncturists


1. Dr. Charles O'Dea

Suffolk Chiropractor
416 Market St
Suffolk, VA, 23434-5236, USA
Acupuncture, Chiropractic

Dr. Charles O'Dea is a chiropractor and acupuncturist in Suffolk, Virginia, USA. Dr. Charles O'Dea treats neuromuscular problems such as back pain, neck discomfort, sciatica, and muscle pain. Chiropractors use clinical examinations and x-rays to diagnose and treat patients with techniques such as spine or vertebral manipulation and manual adjustments. Charles Odea's contact information, phone number, office address, patient reviews, practice ratings, and appointment requests are all available.


2. Brian Kwon

Brian Kwon Acupuncture
1531 121st Ave Se
Bellevue, WA, 98005, USA

Brian Kwon is an acupuncturist in Bellevue, Washington. His purpose as an East Asian medicine practitioner is to provide evidence/research-based treatment to patients who require physical and mental relief to lead an active lifestyle. He is deeply committed to assisting others through acupuncture and other aspects of East Asian medicine.


3. Chenxi Yang

Yang Acupuncture and Herbs
927 Russell Avenue, Suite B
Gaithersburg, MD, 20879, USA

Chenxi Yang is an NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, a nationally recognized and state-board registered acupuncturist. She began her studies as a 3rd generation practitioner at 12 after being born into a family of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. She earned a master's degree in 1987 after studying at the Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China in 1980.


4. Donald Kimon Lightner

Kimon Wellness
3400 E Speedway Blvd #206
Tucson, AZ, 85716, USA

Don Kimon graduated in January 2000 from the Arizona School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. He studied with Master Wang Jin Huai, Wang Ju-Yi, and Xia Peiqi. He has been the Herbalist for Yong Sheng Herbs since 2012 and is the former Academic and Clinic Dean of the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He has taught Differential Diagnosis, Chinese Internal Medicine, Clinic Skills, Point Location, Uses and Combinations of Points, and the History and Philosophy of the I-Ching. He also explains the etiology and course of epidemic diseases using the classic herbal texts Shang Han Lun and Wen Bing Lun.


5. Dr. Bindi Zhu

Austin Acupuncture & Herb Health Center
1008 Mo-Pac Cir Ste 201
Austin, TX, 78746, USA

Dr. Zhu, who has over 35 years of expertise, adopts a comprehensive approach to treatment that integrates both mainstream and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Dr. Zhu creates a treatment plan tailored to you by utilizing treatments such as acupuncture, Chinese therapeutic massage, cupping, electro-stimulation, or a custom-made herbal mix. Dr. Zhu thinks his patients should completely comprehend his treatments and will explain his diagnosis and treatment plan in detail. Dr. Zhu will examine your medical history and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

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6. Amanda R Wellman

Wellman Acupuncture
6240 Hamilton Ave, #4,
Cincinnati, OH, 45224, USA

She was fascinated by acupuncture because it is a nonsurgical therapy that stimulates the body's natural healing process. The ultimate goal is to get the body closer to equilibrium, to strengthen it so that the individual regains their natural resistance to illness, injury, and stress. She recognizes the importance of hospital protocols and preventative medicine in perhaps preventing the advancement to a state requiring emergency care.


7. Dr. Daniel Sajewski

Pain Medicine, Regional Anesthesiology
2200 Northern Blvd, Brookville, NY, 11548

Dr. Daniel Sajewski is an anesthesiologist in Brookville, NY, and is affiliated with multiple hospitals including St. Catherine of Siena Hospital. He has been in practice more than 20 years.


8. Dr. Jeff Johnson

Johnson Chiropractic Center Pc
5251 R St
Lincoln, NE, 68504-3469, USA
Acupuncture, Chiropractic

Dr. Johnson graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri, with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1989. Dr. Johnson was born in Lincoln, raised in Fremont, Nebraska, and has been practicing Chiropractic in Lincoln since 1990. Dr. Johnson became certified to practice acupuncture in 1998. He has continued to improve his knowledge, becoming the first chiropractor in Nebraska to be Board-Certified as a Diplomat in Chiropractic Acupuncture by the American Board of Chiropractic Acupuncture in September 2012.


9. Dr. Kenneth Huynh

In Light Acupuncture and Herbology LLC
6499 38th Ave N Ste A-2
Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA

Dr. Kenneth provides innovative, safe, and effective acupuncture treatments and alternative health services. He is an expert in many therapies, including Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion, Guasha, and more. However, there were many areas where patients would require additional assistance, such as pain management, spiritual health, and emotional health. As a result, he decided to do further research into alternative medicine, specifically acupuncture and Herbology.


10. Dr. Michelle Steinys

Core Chiropractic Health Center
1850 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60647, USA
Acupuncture, Chiropractic

Dr. Steinys began practicing in 2003 after graduating from the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS). Her primary focus is on female health, specifically prenatal care and fertility. Dr. Steinys is Webster Technique certified and continues to attend seminars in this field of medicine. In addition, she is a Diplomate in Chiropractic Acupuncture. Movement Systems Rehabilitation, Graston myofascial method, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Pediatric Rehabilitation, Thompson Drop, Cox technique, and McKenzie therapy are among the courses she has done. You can see Dr. Michelle Steinys's contact information, phone number, office address, patient reviews, practice ratings, and request appointments here.

What is acupuncture, and who is an acupuncturist?

Are you curious to know how does acupuncture work? Acupuncture is a distinct set of techniques for treating illness and improving health by stimulating specific spots on the body. To restore balance, acupuncture and related procedures redirect the energy flow, or qi (pronounced "chee"), throughout the body.

Acupuncture, practiced for over 2,000 years, is one of the world's safest and most well-researched complementary and alternative therapies.

Acupuncture is a component of a more comprehensive medical system based on traditional Chinese medicine. This complete concept and treatment approach addresses an individual's total health - the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

How to find an acupuncturist near me?

Do you want to know what to look for in an acupuncturist? Let's discuss how to find acupuncturist near you. Here are four suggestions for finding the best acupuncturist for you:

1. Obtain a referral

Getting a referral from another respected medical office is the best approach to discovering an acupuncturist or any other medical expert. Doctors are the most knowledgeable about your health, so if your primary care physician recommends an acupuncturist, you may be confident you will receive the most outstanding care.

2. Conduct some online research

If you cannot obtain a referral or suggestion, the next best thing to do is to locate a local acupuncture office in the region. Yelp and Google Reviews are the finest locations to find local businesses because they show the reviews and the overall consensus about the establishment. If you notice a company with a high average review score, investigate further by visiting its website. Before calling them, you should learn everything about the company.

What does acupuncture treat, and how does it function?

According to TCM, health results from a harmonic balance of the yin and yang extremes of the life energy known as Qi, pronounced "chi." According to proponents, disease results from an imbalance of these forces. Qi travels through the meridians in the human body. These energy flows are accessible through the body's 361 acupuncture sites. Inserting needles into these locations in the appropriate combinations will restore the energy flow.

According to a 2017 analysis, many acupuncture points are located where stimulation can impact the activity of several sensory neurons. These locations are also referred to as receptive fields.

Physical stimulation from needle insertion at certain places may influence pain processing in the central nervous system and muscles and enhance blood flow to specific body regions.

A study of the effect of acupuncture on chronic pain indicated that the treatment could provide pain reduction advantages that are different from placebo. However, the precise method by which acupuncture operates is unknown. The central nervous system is said to be stimulated by acupuncture sites. This, in turn, causes chemicals to be released into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These molecular changes may boost physical and mental well-being by stimulating the body's natural healing capacities. Acupuncture has been demonstrated in NIH research to be an effective treatment, either alone or in combination with conventional therapies, for the conditions like Surgical anesthetic and cancer chemotherapy producing nausea, Dental discomfort, Headaches, Cramps during menstruation, Osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Asthma and also stroke rehabilitation.

What to Expect when visiting the best acupuncturist near me?

An acupuncturist will assess a person's condition before inserting one or more thin, sterile needles and providing suggestions.

During the process, most people will sit or lie down. The acupuncturist should use single-use, disposable, sterilized needles. Following needle insertion, people may experience a momentary stinging or tingling sensation. They may then feel mild discomfort at the needle's tip.

Typically, the needles will remain in place for 20-60 minutes, depending on the operation. In some techniques, the acupuncturist will sometimes heat the hands after they have been inserted. The amount of treatment a person requires is determined by their specific circumstance. A person with a chronic disease may require one or two weekly treatments for several weeks.

How much does a top acupuncturist near me charge?

The cost of an acupuncture treatment varies depending on where you reside and whether the practitioner accepts your insurance. For example, the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine charges $124 per session without insurance. According to Thumbtack, a company that connects clients to experts, the average cost for an acupuncturist in San Francisco, California, is $85 a session. In Austin, Texas, and Saint Louis, Missouri, an acupuncture session costs $60-85.

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