Top 20 Sales Executives in Healthcare Technology 2022

The development of new healthcare technology is both difficult and rewarding. However, simply developing new technology is not enough; it must also be made available to those who require it. As a result, Sales Executives are critical to the success of their organizations. They are critical to the success of an organization's interactions with its prospects, leading a team of sales professionals who perform the critical tasks of introducing products, structuring deals, and providing advice. They also oversee all sales-related activities, such as analyzing, implementing, and reporting on sales strategies that will increase revenue and help their businesses grow. And in the field of healthcare technology, this growth directly translates to more patients benefiting and lives saved. Join with us to know about the top performing Sales Executives in Healthcare Technology in 2022.

List of Top 20 Sales Executives in Healthcare Technology 2022

1. George Zarkalis

Company: Viatris

Job Title: Global Head of Sales Excellence & Omnichannel Deployment

Viatris, a global pharmaceutical and healthcare company, employs George Zarkalis as its Global Head of Sales Excellence and Omnichannel Deployment. Viatris, founded in 2020, focuses on a wide range of therapeutic areas, empowering people worldwide by increasing access to a wide range of trusted, high-quality medications, regardless of geography or circumstance. Zarkalis was most recently the global head of sales and KAM execution for Novartis, a healthcare technology company where he worked for 17 years in various roles. He also launched and managed the company's Voice of the Customer (VoC) initiative, which included a customer feedback system. He previously worked at Germanos Group as a corporate sales manager and at SC Johnson as a marketing and sales coordinator.

2. Melanie Fox

Company: Banner Health

Title: Chief Sales Officer

Melanie Fox is employed as the Chief Sales Officer at Banner Health, a Phoenix-based non-profit health system. Banner Health, founded in 1999, is one of the largest non-profit healthcare systems in the country, providing emergency care, hospice, home care, outpatient surgery, rehabilitation services, pharmacies, and primary care. It reported revenue of more than $12 billion in 2021; She joined the organization in her current role the same year. Fox previously worked as a business development consultant for Clover Health and as the vice president of broker development for Bravo Health (Cigna).

3. Kortney Cooper

Company: AmerisourceBergen

Sales: Vice President, Sales

Kortney Cooper, Ph.D., has succeeded as the Vice President of Sales for AmerisourceBergen, an American drug wholesale company formed in 2001 by Bergen Brunswig and AmeriSource. AmerisourceBergen promotes people's and communities' health worldwide by forwarding the development and delivery of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. In 2022, Cooper began her career at the company as a senior director of strategic accounts prior to being promoted to her current position in 2022.

4. Suzanne Haggard

Company: LCMC Health

Title: Chief Revenue Officer

Suzanne Haggard has repeatedly marked herself as a leader in the field of healthcare technology in her tenure as Chief Revenue Officer at New Orleans-based non-profit health system LCMC Health. Haggard spent seven years as an audit manager at Deloitte before joining LCMC, formerly Touro Infirmary, and nearly a decade providing top-tier healthcare consulting services to major medical institutions and healthcare providers through her firm, Haggard & Associates.

5. Simon Cotton

Company: Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Title: Vice President of Sales, Hematology & Oncology

Simon Cotton has been the Vice President of Sales, Hematology & Oncology at Jazz Pharmaceuticals since 2021. He is one of the world's leading figures in hematology & oncology product launches and sales. Jazz has carried on to push the boundaries of oncology under his leadership, with the advancement of new treatments in its product pipeline, including new applications for its Rylaze drug in the treatment of leukemia. Cotton has a long and illustrious career in the health tech industry: prior to joining Jazz, he was vice president of sales at Clovis Oncology and held directorships at Genentech for over a decade.

6. Mitch Bernatsky

Company: Aegis Therapies

Title: Vice President, Sales

Aegis, a Texan healthcare technology company, is fortunate to have Mitch Bernatsky as its current Vice President of Sales: Bernatsky is a seasoned sales professional who has worked in a variety of industries, including healthcare. Under Bernatsky's direction, the organization has led the charge in enhancing healthcare outcomes for thousands of Americans who require critical therapies at home or in rehabilitation hospitals across the 42 states Aegis serves.

7. Megan Pinter

Company: Tandem Diabetes Care

Title: National Sales Director

Megan Pinter, Tandem Diabetes Care's National Sales Director, has immense experience in healthcare technology. Because of her extensive experience in medical device sales, the company has been named the #1 most trusted name among insulin pump manufacturers in terms of customer satisfaction. Pinter has helped Tandem achieve significant success through her skill in the Challenger Sales Model and extensive experience in sales training and product launches.

8. Krista Kelley

Organization: MedImpact Healthcare Systems

Occupation: Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Krista Kelley, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MedImpact Healthcare Systems, has helped the company continue to deliver industry-leading healthcare results. She has been with the firm since 2018, rising through the ranks from vice president of strategic relations and sales support to general sales manager for two years.

9. Katie Higgins

Company: Crossover Health

Title: Chief Revenue Officer

Katie Higgins is dedicated to developing a healthcare model that provides greater accessibility, lower costs, and consistent outcomes for all people. She has established and led teams that provide exceptional client service and innovative partnership opportunities for healthcare companies throughout her career. Identifying and cultivating great talent and building strong team camaraderie have been critical to her success in achieving ambitious business goals with clients, primarily in the provider market. Higgins is also known for her dedication to developing rising female talent, which is critical in the healthcare industry.

10. Tom Maraday

Organization: Omada Health

Title: Senior Vice President, Head of Sales

Tom Maraday is a Senior Vice President and the Head of Sales at Omada Health. He leads a 40-person team of the best virtual healthcare sales executives. Omada Health is among the largest and fastest-growing clinical virtual healthcare providers. Omada recently completed a $192 million series E fundraising round with a $1 billion-plus valuation.

11. Larry Tischer

Company: Medartis

Title: Vice President of Sales

Larry Tischer has been working as the Vice President of Sales for Swiss medical equipment manufacturer Medartis. He overlooks the strategic execution for the company's multiple sales channels in the United States. Most notably, he has led forward the launch of new Medartis fracture and reconstruction implants in his two years with the company. Tischer has decades of successful leadership experience with multiple major healthcare technology providers, including Ortho Solutions Group, Codman & Shurtleff, and Healthpoint.

12. Ben Beadle-Ryby

Company: AKASA

Title: Co-Founder

In 2018, Ben Beadle-Ryby co-founded AKASA, a healthcare IT services provider. He assisted AKASA in becoming the world's leading developer of AI-driven healthcare operations solutions. In addition to skillfully launching his company into a difficult, high-demand marketplace, Beadle Ryby's leadership has earned AKASA numerous awards, including the best place to work in the healthcare sector.

13. John Baird

Company: Visby Medical

Title: Vice President of Sales

As the Vice President of Sales for Visby Medical, a Denver-based medical equipment company, John Baird is in charge of bringing the most recent advancements in fast, accurate testing to healthcare providers across the country. Visby's work in developing the world's only instrument-free rapid PCR test during the COVID-19 pandemic has been critical.

14. Kieran O’Kane

Company: Biodesix

Title: Chief Commercial Officer

Kieran O'Kane has been the Chief Commercial Officer of Biodesix since March 2020, after working in marketing management and corporate development roles for the company since February 2018. He is a seasoned commercial leader with a background in oncology.

15. Katrina Escandon

Organization: Osso VR

Occupation: Director of Sales Operations & Development

Katrina Escandon is the Director of Sales Operations and Development at Osso VR, a leading provider of VR surgical training and assessment. She assists the commercial firm by managing the company's sales applications and CRM, collaborating on and developing commission plans, and developing new and expanded pipelines. This includes overseeing Sales Operations, Analytics, and Development.

16. Lynn Wagner

Company: Pegasus Senior Living

Title: Divisional Vice President of Sales

Lynn Wagner, Divisional Vice President of Sales for Pegasus Senior Living, has consistently pushed the boundaries of sales and growth achievement. Wagner has transformed multiple Pegasus elder care communities in the three years she has held her current position, increasing occupancy above 90% in multiple cases and frequently being complimented as a top-producing member of the company's administrative staff.

17. Harish Panchal

Company: Health Gorilla

Title: Chief Revenue Officer

Harish Panchal, Chief Revenue Officer at Health Gorilla, has immense experience in healthcare technology and a track record of building high-performing sales organizations. Panchal has used his data-driven approach at Health Gorilla to drive predictable, repeatable revenue and improve efficiencies for a more seamless sales cycle. His priority is to execute the go-to-market strategy, scale operations, and activate the team at scale.

18. Rachel Rearden

Company: Ever/Body

Title: Vice President, Sales

Rachel Rearden is Ever/Vice Body's President of Sales. Ever/Body is excellent for high-performance beauty services founded on the mission of demystifying and making cosmetic dermatology more accessible. It provides a curated selection of clinically-tested face and body treatments that are delivered by trusted medical professionals and are designed to produce natural-looking (not obvious) results.

19. Nicole Neutz

Company: VirtualHealth

Title: Vice President, Sales

Nicole Neutz is VirtualHealth's Vice President of Sales. The HELIOS® platform from the company is the first comprehensive care management platform designed to power the entire care ecosystem. HELIOS® is a value-based and person-centered care management system used by some of the most innovative healthcare plans in the country to manage millions of members.

20. Amber Kerby

Company: Pain Specialists of America

Title: Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Amber Kerby is Pain Specialists of America's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. PSA is a leading Interventional Pain Management organization that uses cutting-edge technology to identify pain generators and break the pain cycle. Their mission is to provide the most advanced interventional options while also providing personalized treatment plans in order to return patients to a functional and quality of life. Every decision made at PSA is centered on the patient.


This is all it; the top 20 high-performing executives in the sales department in 2022. The awarders on this list are in charge of supervising all sales-related activities, such as implementing and reporting on sales strategies that will increase revenue and help their businesses grow. And in the field of healthcare technology, this growth directly translates to more patients benefiting and lives saved.

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