SIC Code 8099 - Health and Allied Services

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Find the verified list of SIC code Healthcare to target SIC Code 8099 - Health and Allied Services, Not Elsewhere Classified for building phone verified list of companies in SIC Code 8099 for your marketing campaigns. SIC Code 8099 is the major group which includes establishments primarily engaged in providing health and allied services and Offices and clinics of health practitioners are classified according to their primary activity in Industry. We can guide you to identify and target industry SIC Codes 8099 to segment companies based on their business activities. A fully verified list of SIC codes from SIC Code Health and Allied Services help you to build effective personalized and segmented email marketing campaigns targeting SIC Industry 8099. SIC Code Search will identify best matching industry companies, suppliers and to research competitors from matching Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code List. You can build your SIC Code List 8099 Health and Allied Services customers based on industry type, sales revenue, employee size, subcategories, credit score etc.

SIC Code 8099 - Health and Allied Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 8099 Health and Allied Services, Nec 150,997
SIC Code 809900 Health and allied services, Nec 123,812
SIC Code 80990000 Health and allied services, nec 123,812
SIC Code 809901 Blood related health services 9,010
SIC Code 80990100 Blood related health services 6,979
SIC Code 80990101 Blood bank 1,849
SIC Code 80990102 Blood donor station 75
SIC Code 80990103 Blood pressure testing 20
SIC Code 80990104 Plasmapherous center 87
SIC Code 809902 Physical examination and testing services 2,850
SIC Code 80990200 Physical examination and testing services 652
SIC Code 80990201 Health screening service 1,699
SIC Code 80990202 Hearing testing service 255
SIC Code 80990203 Physical examination service, insurance 244
SIC Code 809999 Health and allied services, nec, nec 15,325
SIC Code 80999901 Childbirth preparation clinic 3,706
SIC Code 80999902 Eye banks 106
SIC Code 80999903 Medical photography and art 77
SIC Code 80999904 Medical rescue squad 419
SIC Code 80999905 Medical services organization 6,365
SIC Code 80999906 Nutrition services 4,478
SIC Code 80999907 Osteoporosis center 44
SIC Code 80999908 Sperm bank 36
SIC Code 80999909 Organ bank 94

Database of SIC 8099 - Health and Allied Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

  • Artists, medical
  • SIC Code Blood banks
  • SIC Code Blood donor stations
  • SIC Code Childbirth preparation classes
  • SIC Code Health screening service
  • SIC Code Hearing testing service
  • SIC Code Insurance physical examination service, except by physicians
  • SIC Code Medical photography and art
  • SIC Code Osteoporosis centers
  • SIC Code Oxygen tent service
  • SIC Code Physical examination service, except by physicians
  • SIC Code Plasmapheresis Centers
  • SIC Code Sperm banks

SIC Code 8093 Companies List

  • Providence St. Joesph Health
  • Medtronic Inc
  • New Hanover Regional Medical Center
  • Rochester Regional Health
  • Saint Lukes Health System Inc
  • Centene Corp
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Premier Health
  • Addus HomeCare Corp
  • Evolent Health Inc

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