SIC Code 8052 - Intermediate Care Facilities

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Find the verified list of SIC code Healthcare to target SIC Code 8052 Intermediate Care Facilities for building phone verified list of companies in SIC Code 8052 for your marketing campaigns. SIC Code 8052 is the major group which includes establishments primarily engaged in providing inpatient nursing and rehabilitative services, but not on a continuous basis. We can guide you to identify and target industry SIC Codes 8052 to segment companies based on their business activities. A fully verified list of SIC codes from SIC Code Intermediate Care Facilities help you to build effective personalized and segmented email marketing campaigns targeting SIC Industry 8052. SIC Code Search will identify best matching industry companies, suppliers and to research competitors from matching Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code List. You can build your SIC Code List 8052 Intermediate Care Facilities customers based on specialty type, type of practice, license type, location type, subcategories, credit score etc.

SIC Code 8052 - Intermediate Care Facilities

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 8052 Intermediate Care Facilities 9,226
SIC Code 805200 Intermediate care facilities 3,481
SIC Code 80520000 Intermediate care facilities 3,481
SIC Code 805299 Intermediate care facilities, nec 5,745
SIC Code 80529901 Home for the mentally retarded, with health care 1,106
SIC Code 80529902 Personal care facility 4,639

Database of SIC 8052 - Intermediate Care Facilities

  • SIC Code Intermediate care facilities
  • SIC Code Alcoholism rehabilitation hospitals
  • SIC Code Cancer hospitals
  • SIC Code Nursing homes, intermediate care
  • SIC Code Children's hospitals

SIC Code 8052 Companies List

  • Life Care Center Of Cleveland
  • Sunrise Senior Living Inc
  • A G Rhodes Health And Rehabilitation Atlanta
  • The AmeriHealth Family of Companies
  • ABCM Corp
  • Choice Health Management Service
  • Pristine Senior Management
  • Pinnacle Treatment Center Inc
  • Aesculap Inc
  • Prestige Care Inc
  • Medical Properties Trust Inc
  • MC Laren Health Care
  • Oakwood Healthcare Inc
  • Remedi Seniorcare

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