SIC Code 8049 - Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners

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Find the verified list of SIC code Healthcare to target SIC Code 8049 Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners for building phone verified list of companies in SIC Code 8049 for your marketing campaigns. SIC Code 8049 is the major group which includes establishments of health practitioners engaged in the practice of health fields, not elsewhere classified. We can guide you to identify and target industry SIC Codes 8049 to segment companies based on their business activities. A fully verified list of SIC codes from SIC Code Clinics of Health Practitioners help you to build effective personalized and segmented email marketing campaigns targeting SIC Industry 8049. SIC Code Search will identify best matching industry companies, suppliers and to research competitors from matching Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code List. You can build your SIC Code List 8049 Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners customers based on specialty type, type of practice, license type, location type, subcategories, credit score etc.

SIC Code 8049 - Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 8049 Offices of Health Practitioner 178,391
SIC Code 804900 Offices of Health Practitioner 70,036
SIC Code 80490000 Offices of health practitioner 70,036
SIC Code 804901 Nutrition specialist 3,292
SIC Code 80490100 Nutrition specialist 1,658
SIC Code 80490101 Dietician 691
SIC Code 80490102 Nutritionist 943
SIC Code 804902 Physical therapist 32,269
SIC Code 80490200 Physical therapist 28,650
SIC Code 80490201 Physiotherapist 3,619
SIC Code 804903 Speech specialist 4,343
SIC Code 80490300 Speech specialist 301
SIC Code 80490301 Speech pathologist 3,162
SIC Code 80490302 Speech therapist 880
SIC Code 804904 Psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotist 36,945
SIC Code 80490400 Psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotist 3,388
SIC Code 80490401 Clinical psychologist 27,496
SIC Code 80490402 Hypnotist 1,627
SIC Code 80490403 Psychiatric social worker 261
SIC Code 80490404 Psychotherapist, except M.D. 4,173
SIC Code 804905 Nurses and other medical assistants 5,392
SIC Code 80490500 Nurses and other medical assistants 1,701
SIC Code 80490501 Dental hygienist 280
SIC Code 80490502 Nurses, registered and practical 3,411
SIC Code 804999 Offices of health practitioners, nec 26,114
SIC Code 80499901 Acupuncturist 13,790
SIC Code 80499902 Audiologist 1,583
SIC Code 80499903 Biofeedback therapist 103
SIC Code 80499904 Chiropodist 52
SIC Code 80499905 Christian Science practitioner 71
SIC Code 80499906 Inhalation therapist 21
SIC Code 80499907 Midwife 1,038
SIC Code 80499908 Naturopath 555
SIC Code 80499909 Occupational therapist 1,378
SIC Code 80499910 Paramedic 189
SIC Code 80499911 Coroner 156
SIC Code 80499912 Massage Therapist 7,178

Database of SIC 8049 - Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified

  • SIC Code Acupuncturists, except M.D.: offices
  • SIC Code Audiologists offices
  • SIC Code Christian science practitioners offices
  • SIC Code Dental hygienists offices
  • SIC Code Dieticians offices
  • SIC Code Hypnotists offices
  • SIC Code Inhalation herapists registered
  • SIC Code Midwives offices
  • SIC Code Naturopaths offices
  • SIC Code Nurses, registered and practical: offices of, except home health
  • SIC Code Nutritionists offices
  • SIC Code Occupational therapists offices
  • SIC Code Paramedics offices
  • SIC Code Physical therapists offices
  • SIC Code Physicians' assistants offices
  • SIC Code Psychiatric social workers offices
  • SIC Code Psychologists clinical offices
  • SIC Code Psychotherapists, except M.D.: offices
  • SIC Code Speech clinicians offices
  • SIC Code Speech pathologists offices

SIC Code 8049 Companies List

  • Steward Health Care System
  • Cigna HealthSpring Inc
  • Select Medical Holdings Corp
  • Highmark Inc
  • Lifespan
  • MedRisk
  • Mid America Psychological And Counseling Services PC
  • Virginia Health Service Inc
  • Leo A Daly Co
  • Bard Optical
  • Interim Healthcare Inc
  • Ardent Health Services
  • U.S. Physical Therapy Inc
  • Pediatrics Plus Therapy Service

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