US Doctors Database

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Get access to the segmented and custom-build US Doctors Email Database to take your business to the global market by connecting with top-notch decision-makers and top professionals to improve brand loyalty instantly. Choose your data from millions of records.

US Doctors Database

1M+ Email Contacts

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US Doctors List fields include

  • US Doctors and Practice Specialty
  • Medical group/hospital Affiliation
  • Registered Doctors by State
  • Certifications and License
  • Opt-in and Accurate Doctors Contacts

Healthcare Mailing authenticated email database drives insight

100% Verified Emails
90% Match Rate
52+ Data Selections

Drive healthcare sales and marketing performance with quality data

Within the complex healthcare market, Healthcare Mailing compiles multiple sectors, including physicians, nursing homes, dental practices, and more. You can build and purchase a quality contact list with ListBuilder by one or all of the below institutions today:

Healthcare Mailing authenticated email database drives insight

Database Includes Over

320+ Doctors Specialties

Physician Database Includes

985,724 unique emails

Deep insights on

570K+ Health Organizations

List Selection Criteria

52+ Data Points

Reach the US Doctors with the Customized US Doctors Database

Let your communication flawless with the targeted US Doctors; the US Doctors Database makes your go-to-market more flexible. Strategize your marketing plans with US Doctors Database to earn more profits by having a productive conversation with the audience. Hyper-target the audiences through leveraging the customized US Doctors Database; customize your email list based on various parameters like location, experience, years of working, and many more. The quick move enables you to get a quick result; move quickly with the US Doctors Database.

  • 100% telephone and email verified Doctors Database
  • NCOA and SMTP verified to keep data fresh and active

Medical Email Database

Get your email message delivered to healthcare professionals quickly and cost effectively.

Medical Database by Job Functions

  • Physician by Specialty
  • Physical Therapis
  • Nurses Professionals
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Medical Directors
  • Medical Assistant
  • and more...
Cost-Effective and Easy CRM Integration

Our US Doctors Database is a cost-effective tool to connect with millions of your potential buyers. You can use the database multiple times after the purchase. Save time and other resources without compromising on the results. Without third-party involvement, you can download and integrate the US Doctors Email List into your CRM.

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The US Doctors Database reduces the bounce rate to increase your marketing results. If you reach out to the right inboxes, the bounce rates tremendously reduce. It enables marketers to obtain high ROI. Achieve your higher targets quickly.

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