What is the North American Classification System (NAICS Code) for Your Healthcare Organization?

The NAICS classification system is more flexible than the SIC's four-digit structure. It employs a six-digit hierarchical coding method to categorize all economic activity into 20 separate industry categories. Five of these sectors are primarily concerned with the production of commodities, while the remaining 15 are concerned with providing some service. Every business is assigned a primary NAICS code that identifies its major line of business. This primary code is decided by the code definition that generated the most income for a company in the previous year in a certain area. NAICS codes are cut down from 20 sector codes to 99 three-digit subsector codes, further subdivided into 311 four-digit industry codes, 709 five-digit industry codes, and 1,057 six-digit NAICS numbers. The NAICS code 62 represents the healthcare sector and social assistance sector with numerous NAICS code for health care.


To know about the NAICS code for your Healthcare Organization, you can follow these guidelines-

  • How To Read A Healthcare NAICS Code?
  • How To Get A NAICS Code For Healthcare Organization?
  • Here Are Some Specific Codes Of The Healthcare Industry
  • How To Look Up For Healthcare NAICS Codes?

How to Read a Healthcare NAICS Code?

The two digits of a NAICS code represent the company's primary business sector. The third digit represents the company's subsector, while the fourth digit represents the industry group to which it belongs. The fifth digit of the code denotes the company's industry of business. The sixth and final digit designates the company's specific national industry. For example, NAICS code 621492 Kidney Dialysis Centers is further subdivided into sector 62, subsector 621, industrial group 6214, industry 62149, and NAICS code 621492.

How to get a NAICS code for Healthcare Organization?

The healthcare and social assistance sector with NAICS code 62, comprises establishments that provide people with healthcare and social support. Because distinguishing between the two activities might be difficult, the NAICS 62 encompasses the medical industry and social aid. The industries classified as NAICS Sector 62 include those that provide medical services, social aid, and social assistance alone. We have these trained professionals who share a common goal regarding operations, procedures, labor inputs, and work type. Many industries in NAICS Sector 62, including the healthcare industry, are based on the educational degree held by medical practitioners. For example- NAICS code 621310 Offices of Chiropractors, NAICS code 621320 Offices of Optometrists, and more.

The boundaries of these two activities are included in the list of NAICS numbers. Many industries depend on the educational degree held by the medical practitioners working there. Some NAICS specifications in the healthcare industry are listed below.

How to look up for healthcare NAICS codes?

There is a page on the NAICS website where you can search for particular codes. Search another website or look at the Census Bureau's website, which publishes the NAICS Codes. People familiar with their industry can use the free NAICS Code searches provided by the NAICS Association.

The NAICS Association claims they can also help with additional services, including market research. If you're having trouble determining the right code for your business, the NAICS Association will assist you for a reasonable fee. A good way to start a NAICS code search is on the website of the Census Bureau. You can get the entire NAICS manual from there or use online lookup tools. You will get the entire Healthcare Industry in the NAICS code 62. The NAICS code for hospitals is 623, and likewise, you use NAICS code lookup by number or industry based on your specific requirements.

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