Segmentation Strategies for Highly-Targeted Healthcare Business Email Marketing


Targeted email marketing is all about crafting a business relationship with your customers. This implies that these emails need to be timely crafted and relevant as per each client’s requisites. Now, as per marketing experts, segmentation strategies regarding targeted business email marketing are the need of the hour. They can improve and open click through rates for your marketing campaign.

Now, What Is Targeted Email Marketing?

A targeted email list is basically sent to important clients to whom you may want to send personalized emails. You can target healthcare professionals based on their job field like physicians, doctors, nurses, cardiologists, lab technicians, etc. Marketers can select present key customers in the offer period, which leads to much use to the present clients. You need to make these emails customized to suit the clients’ marketing needs. As per experts, targeted email marketing surpasses diverse marketing strategies.

Basics of Targeted Healthcare Email Marketing

In email marketing, list segmentation always helps when it comes to healthcare marketing. Making use of segmentation, you can make sure that the customers do not mark your emails as SPAM or do not even open emails. Let us discuss the basic segmentation statistics related to targeted business email marketing that can get you ample of benefits. Let us talk about the basic segmentation that you can consider for targeted email marketing.

How Long Do You Consider A Client Active Or Inactive?

What are your criteria for considering a client active or inactive? Well, this criterion differs from firm to firm. While some firms tend to wait for 6 months of inactivity while some tend to wait for 2 years. There are many B2C fashion retailers who possess clients of shorter span while there are some B2B firms that have longer clients. Thus, depending upon the time period of your client’s inactivity over your email, you can send them ‘we are missing you’ email to avoid the danger of losing them.

Research the Monetary Aspect

Get answers to some imperative questions such as how much money did the client spend on purchases when they got converted from a lead to the client. Did they go for high-value purchasing or low-value purchasing? Now, do you really want them to think about luxurious items or sale items? Moreover, you can even think of sending a full price of items or products without even giving them a promotion. This could prevent ample unsubscribe.

Frequency of the Clients

Are their clients in your list-making purchases every month or after some time? There may be clients as well who may be spending during the holiday time. Now, if you are mailing both the type of clients the same email and message, you will risk making your clients run away from you. As per email marketing experts, 69 percent of customers unsubscribed from a particular mail, because it was sent too frequently. When you are sending too frequently, you may hamper your leads and lose the revenue being spent on them.

Demographics matter

Initially, the marketers start the targeted email lists marketing segmentation based on demographic data. This data is based on aspects such as the company’s location, age, income level, gender, etc. Research about these aspects can give you a lot of information about the prospective client’s needs and wants. Now, the more information you have, the more you can work on your segmentation strategy. However, remember that people usually get scared when someone asks too much information. Thus, you should decide on the metrics that you want to choose for, including in this questionnaire for the email sign up process.


Another imperative aspect of targeted email marketing segmentation is email engagement. Now, open rates and click-through rates are the two metrics for judging an email’s engagement quotient. You can keep track of these metrics and judge your email marketing strategy.

Past Purchases

Another targeted email segmentation strategy revolves around the past purchases that were made by the client. You can take a cue from these purchases and send them email recommendations for products similar to these past purchases. Who knows, you may be targeting their potential needs and can turn a one-time client into a permanent client.

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