Proven Lead Generation Solutions for Healthcare Providers for the Best Sales Leads

It’s 2024 and lead generation strategies are as necessary as it was before. However, the strategies need some software updates. With the ever-evolving landscape of technology and consumer behavior, relying on old strategies can no longer be termed as effective.

As such, this guide explores the best but easy and new lead generation solutions to help you find what works best for healthcare providers.

Acquiring new leads has become tougher. Even strategizing the right plan can leave you with missing leads. Hence, what you need is tested lead-generation strategies that ensure you don’t miss out on potential clients and revenue.

So, without further delay, let's get started!


But First, Understand The Challenges In Healthcare Lead Generation

In the healthcare industry, while making a profit is crucial, the top priority is always ensuring the well-being of patients and staff. Healthcare providers seek solutions that boost revenue without compromising on the quality of care. This often involves adopting technologies that enhance efficiency, performance, and scheduling, as well as tools for diagnostics and patient monitoring. Given this emphasis on quality and safety, generating leads in healthcare requires navigating a more complex sales process and longer decision-making cycles.

Additionally, a significant but often underestimated hurdle in healthcare lead generation is the industry’s strict regulatory constraints. Healthcare providers must stay updated on emerging regulations and trends within the sector. One notable recent addition is the ‘No Surprise Act.’ This aims to shield consumers from unexpected medical bills and mandates that insurance providers cover a majority of out-of-network claims.

Despite these obstacles, successful lead generation strategies in healthcare often involve a combination of targeted marketing, personalized communication, and leveraging the latest advancements in technology to make a name for yourself in a competitive market.

Let’s explore some!

Top 10 Best But Easy Lead Generation Solutions For Healthcare Providers

Lead generation strategies are necessary for any business to thrive. While healthcare moved to value-based care, it is still one of the most lucrative markets.

The primary aim of lead generation is to capture the attention of individuals and encourage them to stay connected with your services. To achieve this goal, it is essential to provide multiple avenues for potential patients to reach out to you.

1 Implement telehealth services for virtual consultations and appointments

Consider this- 43% of adults want to continue using telehealth solutions after the pandemic, and 34% prefer telehealth to a face-to-face visit.

Telehealth and in-house visits are totally different and serve a distinct purpose. Telehealth is primarily used to have quick updates on patients and follow up.

How is this helpful in lead generation?

Telehealth offers greater accessibility and reach. With the right promotion, you can attract individuals who may have difficulty accessing in-person healthcare. This can include individuals in remote areas, those with mobility issues, or individuals who are too busy to care for their health. You can give them the opportunity to access your services from the comfort of their home. This will eventually help you explore new markets, increase your patient base, and stand out in the competition.

Moreover, telehealth is the future. While everyone else is busy leveraging other strategies, you should think of the long term.

2 Develop an app for your target audience

Think of it as an investment and not an expense. It is not only difficult but also impossible to live without our cell phones in this age of mobility. 90% of the time people spend on mobile is on mobile apps.

Developing a mobile app can give you –

  • Increase Visibility
  • A Direct and Personalized Channel
  • Offer Better User Experience
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Capture Customer Insights
  • New Window for Revenue
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • And more

Given the rapid speed of digitalization, mobile applications have already captured roughly 55% of global online traffic. From social networking to utility, lifestyle, and journalism, smartphone apps are altering the face of numerous industries.

Some businesses now build their whole business strategy on mobile apps, while others rely heavily on them to support their operations. Overall, mobile apps have become an integral element of the corporate and digital world.

3 Collaborate with Health Influencers

For example, if you search on Google, “ top healthcare influencers,” Doctor Mike, Kayla Itsines, and Joe Wicks, are some of the many that come on search results. Indeed, they are very famous personalities in the social media arena, including TikTok and YouTube. Collaborating with them gives you access to millions of followers to influence, educate, and share knowledge. With the right strategy in hand, you can promote your services authentically and reliably.

This not only expands your reach but also increases your brand visibility and credibility within the online community. Consider this: 56% of people have purchased a product after being promoted by an influencer they follow. Without a doubt, in 2024, collaborating with health influencers can yield you maximum results in your lead generation efforts.

4 Give current customers some benefits for referrals

Let’s be honest: even if you have a loyal customer base, they won’t be willing to refer to you if they have access to an abundance of what you provide. So, give them a reason to refer you. Most industries offer discounts for the number of referrals they earn. You can do the same and increase the discount rate for a limited period of time. This will create an urgency, and your current customers will be the spearhead of your marketing campaigns.

5 Hire a social media team

Consider these stats –

In healthcare, social media is underrated and not utilized to its full potential. As such, they don’t have the skills to grow on social media or the time to do so. Hence, hiring a dedicated social media team can be an effective lead-generation strategy for healthcare providers. A skilled social media team can craft engaging content, interact with followers, and run targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential patients and drive them toward conversion. They can also monitor trends, analyze data, and adjust strategies accordingly to optimize lead generation efforts. A dedicated team can help healthcare providers grow on social media, make themselves thought leaders, and cultivate a loyal online community.

6 Get an Email List

Perhaps this is the most cost-effective yet the most effective lead generation strategy in today's time.

A targeted email list of your targeted audience does not cost much. It helps you connect with a pool of intended sales leads and market right away. This specialized list provides direct access to your target leads, facilitating precise and effective outreach. The key benefits encompass fostering strategic partnerships, gaining insights into market trends, enhanced Return on Investment (ROI), increased response rates, improved conversion rates, and strengthened customer retention – all contributing to sustainable business growth and competitiveness in the ever-evolving healthcare sector.

7 Sponsor a Sports team

Do you have the money? Go for the national; if not then a local team would also suffice.

Take a look at the list below,

  • Colorado Rapids: UCHealth (Aurora, Colo.)
  • FC Cincinnati: Mercy Health (Cincinnati)
  • FC Dallas: Children's Health and UT Southwestern Medical Center (both in Dallas)
  • Houston Dynamo FC: MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston)
  • Orlando City SC: Orlando (Fla.) Health
  • Seattle Sounders FC: Providence

[Source: Becker’s Health It]

These are all Major League Soccer teams that are signed by health systems to be jersey sponsors.

You can do the same with a local sports team. Sponsoring local sports teams can help you raise brand awareness. That way, the next time a patient or parent of a patient needs a specific medical service, they may think of you first. Furthermore, it promotes benevolence and communal trust. This is critical in a trust-driven industry like healthcare.

8 Display ads on major healthcare websites

Surveys suggest about 90% of patients Google their symptoms before they talk to their doctor. But it can, of course, quickly go awry. Nonetheless, health information websites are a goldmine of high-quality leads.  


Imagine someone searching for symptoms on a health information website and they see your picture or video ads. Wouldn’t that bring in traffic to your website?

Display advertisements are a little more passive than paid ads but have a much bigger impact on brand recognition. You see the ad because it is either related to the topic or you have previously searched for it.

9Community Health Initiatives

While digital strategies earn you brand recognition, offline strategies earn you trust. And one such strategy is community health initiatives.

You can be in 2024 or 2042, but organizing community health events or wellness workshops that offer free screenings, consultations, and educational sessions can never be outdated. You can directly engage with leads and encourage them to use your services. This greatly helps in capturing the local market. You can later ask your social media team to create relevant content for the event to share it on all social media platforms. Reports suggest that people greatly connect with philanthropic videos. You can generate both online and offline leads with the same strategy.

10 Maintain a positive brand image

This is more of a practice than a strategy, but most important. When choosing a healthcare provider, 81% of consumers consider online reviews. Their decision is influenced by three factors: user feedback, star ratings, and the volume of reviews.

Healthcare providers must collect a large quantity of feedback and reviews. And ensure that the vast majority of reviews are good, and respond to any negative ones in an open and accountable manner.

Patients are sometimes cautious about contacting clinics with few reviews, even if they are pleasant and have high ratings. As such, maintain a positive brand image to convert leads.

Do You Require Help In Generating & Converting Leads?

At Healthcare Mailing, we grasp the primary hurdles faced in healthcare lead generations. Our team boasts a profound comprehension of healthcare, its technologies, and its regulations. We know that patients come first, and time is a precious commodity. As such, we offer comprehensive solutions through our email lists to provide healthcare providers with pre-verified leads for marketing initiatives. We save your time and resources and save you from the extended sales cycle.

The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, and companies must be ready. Use our data solutions for effective lead generation. You know your business. We know lead generation. Let’s develop the right program together and help you accelerate your growth.

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