Healthcare Lead Generation Strategies and Tactics



Lead generation is the most important challenge for any healthcare brand. Generating high-quality leads is the top priority to get more sales and revenue that allows the business to grow and expand.

Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry with more than 16.8 million employees in the US alone. The healthcare industry has various subgroups such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and medical device manufacturers. When it comes to lead generation in healthcare, converting prospects into valuable customers is a long process. Also, to acquire a good lead, maintaining a healthy pipeline of leads if crucial and can take weeks or months to convert them into profitable customers.

Before exploring the healthcare lead generation Strategies, let's look at some of the proven methods to acquire a lead that still works today.

Email Marketing still Worth full in Lead Generation:

Even with all of the new marketing technologies available today, email marketing remains most effective in generating profitable leads. Email allows marketers to communicate with the target audience and it is one of the best ways for small healthcare businesses and multinational businesses to reach and engage their prospects. In fact, email is the only marketing platform that generates 44 dollars for every 1dollar a company spent.

Also, the reason behind email marketing remains so effective is that more than 80 percent of healthcare businesses in the US are comfortable with email communication.

Content Marketing Never Lose Its Crown:

Content Marketing is the key to attract healthcare decision-makers and it never loses its crown in 2020. Developing and documenting the right content marketing strategy helps to generate high-quality leads. In recent years, the role of content marketing is uncompromisable in healthcare business product promotion and brand promotion. It helped businesses to improve their brand visibility in front of key customers and improve sales.

The above methods are commonly used for generating leads by healthcare marketers. Here are the few new strategies and methods to generate quality leads in 2020.

Leverage LinkedIn for your Healthcare Business:-

LinkedIn is considered as the goldmine for generating leads in the healthcare business. With more than 600 million users worldwide and 146 million users from the US, LinkedIn opens its massive opportunity for lead generation.

According to a recent study, LinkedIn is the source for 64 percent of all visits from social media to business websites and 93 percent of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective social site for lead generation.

Best practices for LinkedIn Healthcare Marketing

  • Joining groups in LinkedIn with your name will increase your trust level between your targeted audiences.
  • Promoting content that informs and educates the audience rather than promotion.
  • Share content on a regular basis.
  • Explaining the specific capabilities of organization and advantages.

Rise of Influencer Marketing in B2B Healthcare

Influencers on social media have massive followers that can be turned into quality leads. According to the association of national advertisers, more than 70% of advertisers in the US use influencer marketing due to generating key leads. More than 40% of marketing professionals increase their spending on it over the next 12 months.

The data from Pew Research and PWC health Research shows nearly 90% of people in the age of 18-24 would trust healthcare information found on social media.

Apply a Diverse Content Strategy

When it comes to healthcare, content marketing strategy is important for attracting and nurturing customers at all the stage of the buyer's journey. A recent study from the US shows most healthcare businesses create their content strategy focus on a few types of content that are easy to create and very effective in converting prospects.

Type of content that helps in achieves your healthcare marketing goals:-

  • Conducting webinars on a topic related to your healthcare business
  • Creating whitepapers and reports on customer interested subject
  • Publishing product-related videos and images to promote your brand and attract visitors to your site.
  • Writing a blog that educates your audience
  • And Case studies

Use Call to Action:-

A call to action is an important element in healthcare marketing. CTA (call to action) mostly used in emails, landing pages, and content posts to allow the key prospects to make a next move towards interacting with the healthcare products and service.

Optimize the content for SEO:-

SEO is one of the most powerful yet underrated techniques to gain new customers for the healthcare business. According to a recent study, more than 60% of B2B decision-makers research online before entering the purchasing process. This is the key leads that healthcare companies could be losing if it isn't leveraging SEO.


The competition in healthcare for acquiring new lead is fierce. Always healthcare business struggles to differentiate their offering, educate the market, and getting attention from buyers. A continuous experiment with a new strategy is required to stand out from the crowd.

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