Different Types Of Dentists

In this article we'll help you to choose which type of dentists is right for you by taking a look at the different "types of dentists and what they do".

How To Find Different Types Of Dental Specialists?

These are a few ways to get in touch with different types of dentists near you. Below we have listed the different types of dentists and the best dentists of each type. Read through to know more about types of dentists specialist.

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10 Different Types of Dentists! Know Them Better

Keep your smile beautiful and healthy! And to maintain it, you need to go to the dentists. You might need to visit a dental expert to address the issues regarding your oral health. These problems can be preventable, hereditary, or accidental, so shed off your worries! It can be fixed by dentists. Most people know when to visit a dentist, but what about your specific dental concerns? Depending on the diverse oral health issue, dental specialists are segmented to look into niche problems. We'll go through the 10 main types of dentistry and examples of dental experts and when to see each to assist you in making decisions about your oral care.

1. General Dentists — Best Family Medicine Doctors

How to find a general dentist near me?

Here are some excellent ways to look for a general dentist near you-

  • Initiate by building a list of potential general dentists. Ask for referrals from family, friends, and other healthcare professionals whose suggestions might help you.
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines will get enough updated information. You can type general dentist near me for better results.
  • Another effective method is social media networking. You can use social media to get in touch with general dentists.
  • Consulting with your insurance company might help you find general dentists who accept your insurance coverage.
  • Moreover, professional organizations like the American Dentists Association can help you find general dentists and also local dentists near you.
  • Your primary care physician might also recommend general dentists that suit your condition.
  • The CHC centers also have a list of general dentists and help you reach them easily.
  • You can learn much about a dentist's general dentistry practice and dental practice management by reading patient reviews. Patients' experiences with appointment scheduling, wait times, the office atmosphere, and the staff's kindness are frequently reflected in patient reviews.

Understand the role of general dentists in your oral health

The general dentists are primary oral healthcare providers. You can consult your general dentist for teeth cleanings and routine dental checkups. They will examine your teeth and gum and recommend cavity removal, root canals, dental crowns, and more procedures. If in case you require services or procedures that your general dentist is not qualified to do, they will refer you to other niche specialty dentists.

Have you had a general dentist checkup in a while? Your overall wellness includes properly caring for your mouth, teeth, and gums. Although you may lose track of time, you must remember to schedule regular dental checkups.

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2. Pediatric Dentists — Pedodontists

How to find pediatric dentists near me? Try these steps for better outreach

  • The use of search engines- Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more can help you find the best pediatric dentist near you.
  • Reaching out to other parents-The best advice probably would be to discuss with other parents about the pediatric dentist and ask around for recommendations from friends or acquaintances.
  • Consult with the pediatrician- The pediatrician you consult regularly might also have some recommendations for pediatric dentists for your child.
  • Discuss with the insurance providers- Your insurance provider may also have a list of practicing pediatric dentist who accepts your insurance coverage plans.
  • Social Media networks- The social media platforms can help you contact the best pedodontist.
  • The Community Health Centers- Your CHC can help you contact the local pediatric dentists.
  • Reading reviews online- Looking for patient reviews will help you know how the pedodontists would be for your child and if they would click with your child.

Know more details about the pedodontists!

The children have distinct dental issues that need the attention of pediatric dentists. They are experts in dental care and treatment for children and adolescents. Pediatric dental experts, often known as pedodontists, treat infants, toddlers, and teenagers as well. The experts provide pediatric-specific dental care as well as children-friendly alternatives. A pedodontist will monitor the growth of a child's teeth and, if necessary, recommend them to an orthodontist later.

Thinking, when should I take my child to the dentist? Many parents are unaware that infants and young children can get cavities. Your child's new tooth might deteriorate as soon as they erupt. So, arrange an appointment with the pediatric dentist for a dental examination as soon as their first tooth erupts. The American Academy of Pediatrics, along with the American Dental Association, all advise parents to get their children examined before completing one year, even if no teeth have emerged.

3. Orthodontists

How to find an orthodontist near me?

Here are a few tips to get it done better and hassle-free-

  • Try typing " Orthodontists near me" or "Orthodontists clinic near me" into online search engines like google, bing, and others. This will provide a list of orthodontists in your neighborhood with their contact details and specialties as well.
  • Ask your regular dentist for recommendations. Your dentist will be able to provide the best recommendations for you because they are familiar with your medical history.
  • You can inquire with your local health department about orthodontist dental services in your area.
  • Social media sites may also have patient reviews of dentists near you; remember that everyone's dental health needs and experiences are unique.
  • Consulting with your insurance provider for in-network orthodontists will get you to the best orthodontists that accept insurance plans.
  • The CHC centers, too, have a directory of local orthodontists.
  • Discuss with your family and friends if they might suggest some orthodontists from their experience.
  • You can also find an orthodontist near you using applications such as Healthgrades, ZocDoc, and more.
  • Examine the reviews and ratings while looking for orthodontists in your area.

What is the role of orthodontists in maintaining oral health?

Orthodontists are experts at aligning teeth and the jaw using wires, braces, retainers, and other tools. You may be referred to an orthodontist if you have an underbite, crossbite, or misaligned tooth. Their role is to straighten teeth using specialized bands, wires, and other immovable or detachable corrective appliances such as retainers, braces, and Invisalign.

When to visit an orthodontist? Some people refuse to smile publicly even when they feel like. Or they put their palm over their mouth. It is because of their crooked or misaligned teeth. You should consult an orthodontist to straighten out crooked teeth and create a healthy, confident look.

4. Periodontists or Gum Specialists

How to find periodontists near me? Follow these easy tips to get the best recommendations.

  • Consult with Your Dentist - Although you can frequently visit a periodontist without a referral, the best method to find skilled periodontists is to ask your dentist for recommendations.
  • Ask your family and friends - Ask your friends, relatives, or neighbors about their experiences if they have ever needed to visit a periodontist. A patient's opinion is more valuable.
  • Verify their certificates - Finding a local periodontist alone isn't always enough; you should also confirm their training and qualifications.
  • Implement search engines to find periodontists near you - If you know the right keywords, Google, Bing, and other search engines are best when looking for a periodontist. Your current zip code and search terms like "periodontist near me" will typically yield good results.
  • Use built-in GPS apps - You can typically search for periodontists on your present physical location using built-in functionality in GPS apps or plug-ins like Waze, Google Maps, or Garmin. Search for a "periodontist near me" to view their contact details.
  • Connect with the periodontist via multiple apps - You can use multiple online apps like Zocdoc, Healthgrades, and more to book an appointment with the periodontists and check their ratings.
  • Contact the Community health centers - The community health centers have a record of in-practice periodontists. They can provide you with their data for easy outreach.
  • Evaluating reviews

Before choosing a periodontist, always examine their qualifications, reviews, and ratings. Read patient testimonials to learn about their experiences and understand what to expect from the periodontists.

Know what periodontists are and when to visit a periodontist!

Periodontists specialize in treating gum illnesses. Just as the conventional dentist can help with gum disease prevention, a periodontist can repair tissue damage caused by progressing gum disease, including minor surgery. For dental implants, you may also be referred to a periodontist.

And when should you visit a periodontist? If you have such symptoms, such as bleeding when brushing or eating normal meals, foul breath, loose teeth, or gum recession, you should see a periodontist at the earliest.

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5. Endodontists

How to find an endodontist near you? Reach them easily by following these steps.

  • The online search engines, Google, Bing, and more, will show good updated results if you put keywords like “endodontists near me” or “best endodontists near me.”
  • Talk with your regular dentists for recommendations. Your dentist will collaborate with your endodontist to guarantee optimal long-term care following the treatment.
  • Feedback and reviews are fantastic methods to discover more about the endodontist with whom you can communicate, share concerns, and ask questions. Check out the reviews on Google and their website.
  • Contact the health insurance company for a list of in-network endodontists who accepts your insurance plans.
  • The CHC near you can also help you find practicing endodontists in your area.
  • Social Media can be another platform to reach the best endodontists for your treatment plan.
  • Online apps like ZocDoc can help you book appointments directly with endodontists.

Gain insights on endodontists!

Endodontists specialize in treating conditions that impact a tooth's nerve and the following pain. They are licensed to perform root canals, which may be required if decay surrounds the tooth's nerve. Every tooth has a cavity in the middle, known as a canal. The root, located inside the canal and formed of nerves and soft tissue known as the pulp, joins the tooth to the jaw, similarly to how a tree's roots anchor it to the earth.

Make an appointment with an endodontist or contact your dentist first if you have tooth discomfort, an injury to your tooth it is sensitive to heat or cold, and swelling around your teeth, gums, or cheeks. The dentist might recommend an endodontist, most probably for a root canal.

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6. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

How to find oral and maxillofacial surgeons near me?

Finding an oral and maxillofacial surgeon near you might be a challenging task. Let's make it easy for you! Try these tips to find the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons in your area.

  • You can browse the AAOMS website by location and specialty to discover the best oral surgeon near you.
  • The google, bing, and other search engines can also help you to find the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons near you—type “best oral and maxillofacial surgeons near me” to get better results.
  • The CHCs can also show you the directory of local oral and maxillofacial surgeons when required.
  • The google maps and other GPS-based apps can also help you find oral and maxillofacial surgeons near you.
  • Recommendations from family and friends are also a good way to locate the best ones.
  • You can use healthcare apps and websites like ZocDoc, Medscape, and more to book appointments online.
  • Asking the insurance provider if they have a directory of oral and maxillofacial surgeons that accepts insurance plans is also very relevant to find the professionals.

What are oral and maxillofacial surgeons?

Oral or Maxillofacial surgeons specialize in the face, mouth, and jaw area. This dentist offers reconstructive surgery and implant dentistry to those who have sustained facial damage. They may treat individuals who have jaw cysts, lumps, or tumors.

Dental implants are also placed by oral surgeons and also emergency care for fractured facial bones and lacerations. They can also conduct minor cosmetic procedures, including lip reconstruction surgery, chin and cheekbone augmentations, and other similar procedures. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon performs wisdom tooth extraction also.

You may need to speak with an expert of oral and maxillofacial surgery if you are suffering from a disorder involving your teeth, jaws, or the bones and tissues of your face.

7. Prosthodontists

How to find prosthodontists near you? Do it easily with the following tips.

  • Visit the American Board of Prosthodontics website to find prosthodontists near you.
  • Search engines like google and others can show the best results if you type “top prosthodontists near me.”
  • Request a recommendation for a licensed prosthodontist from your regular dentists. Your dentist can recommend an expert with whom they have had good results.
  • Ensure that your insurance will cover the treatment before selecting a dentist. Ask your health or dental insurance provider if they have a list of prosthodontists who accepts insurance coverage.
  • Look for reviews that discuss patient experiences in-depth. You can judge the caliber of the prosthodontists from accurate reviews and patient testimonials.
  • Ask a friend or relative who has undergone substantial dental work from a prosthodontist and has some experience.
  • The social media platforms can also be a good choice for finding the best prosthodontists in your area.

Learn more about the role of prosthodontists

Prosthodontists expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Apart from offering various dental care services, they also strive to improve the cosmetic attractiveness of a smile. They must diagnose and treat oral degeneration to enhance patients' mouth, jaw, and tooth function. They take impressions of patients' mouths and fit dentures, crowns, and bridges to cure face aches and jaw joint abnormalities. Denture maintenance and relining, teeth whitening, and applying veneers to hide flaws or stains on teeth are other tasks.

If you have problems with missing teeth, jaw bone health, or bone structure in your face, you should see a prosthodontist immediately.

8. Dental Hygienist

How to find a dental hygienist near me?

Toiling hard to find and choose the best dental hygienist near you! Put your woes to rest; check out these steps to get in touch with the dental hygienist near you-

  • You can get in touch with the American Dental Hygienist Association or the International Federation of Dental Hygienists to find a dental hygienist near you.
  • Using google, bing, and other search engines and just typing dental hygienist near me, will show many results. Choose the one you find relevant.
  • The GPS-based apps like google maps will also help you locate the best dental hygienist in your area.
  • Find out if the dental hygienist in your area accepts insurance by asking your health or dental insurance provider. They also have a dental hygienist directory for hassle-free outreach.
  • Using social media platforms for dental hygienist recommendations is another good option.
  • The healthcare apps like Medscape and others can help you to book an online appointment with hygienists.
  • Try to find reviews that show great detail about patient experiences. The reliability of dental hygienists can be evaluated based on honest reviews and patient recommendations.

Why do we need to see dental hygienists?

The American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) defines a dental hygienist as a person specializing in preventing and treating oral illnesses. A dental hygienist cleans teeth, examines the mouth for signs of oral illnesses, and provides other preventive dental care. It is also an essential aspect of their duty to educate patients on how to improve and maintain good oral health.

If you are wondering when you should see a Dental Hygienist? The advice is to make an appointment every six months for better oral health. However, how well you care for your teeth, nutrition, and hereditary susceptibility to gum disease play a vital role.

9. Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist

How to find oral and maxillofacial radiologists near me?

Do you want to get treated by the best oral and maxillofacial radiologists? If yes is the answer, read through to find the oral and maxillofacial radiologists near you-

  • Click on the AAOMR website to find oral and maxillofacial radiologists as per your specific requirements.
  • The next best way is using search engines. Simply type oral and maxillofacial radiologists near me, and the updated results pop up on your screen.
  • Your regular dentist might also have good professional relations with oral and maxillofacial radiologists; ask them if you can get a referral.
  • The diverse social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more can also help you get in touch with oral and maxillofacial radiologists
  • Informing the insurance providers who have a list of in-network oral and maxillofacial radiologists will also get you detailed information about them.
  • Inquiring in the hospitals and CHCs is a great way to know the local oral and maxillofacial radiologists in your area.
  • Read reviews of the patients to know about the best oral and maxillofacial radiologists in town. Also, ensure that they are board certified and well-rated.

Why do you need oral and maxillofacial radiologists in oral healthcare?

An oral and maxillofacial radiologist takes and interprets x-ray pictures and any other data obtained in diagnosing ailments of the oral and maxillofacial region. A dentist must finish a residency from an American Dental Association-accredited program to become an OMR. This training provides an in-depth understanding of using and interpreting CBCT, MRI, ultrasound, and other relevant modalities for maxillofacial imaging.

Your general dentist will send you to an OMR, who specializes in reading radiographic pictures, if they believe additional imaging is required to diagnose and treat oral maxillofacial diseases. OMRs often have access to more advanced diagnostic technologies, which allows them to provide your regular dentist with a more accurate diagnosis and recommended course of action.

10. Dental Assistant

How to find a dental assistant near me?

Well, it is easy to find dental assistants; they usually accompany the general dentists in their offices. However, you can try these tips for quick outreach-

  • Google, Bing, and other search engines show better results if you search dental assistant near me. You can follow up with the best recommendations.
  • The official website of professional organizations like the American Association of Dental Assistants can help you to find registered professionals.
  • Social Media is another strong domain to get better recommendations of the dental hygienist.
  • The regular dentists you usually visit also have a list of dental assistants for your reference.
  • You can talk with your friends and relatives if they have any better dental hygienists in their touch.
  • Use GPS-based apps like Google Maps that shows top dental hygienist near you.
  • Reading patient reviews and checking the ratings is another good way to know who would be well-suited for your query.

Who are dental assistants, and what is their role in dental healthcare?

A dental assistant boosts a dentist's ability to deliver excellent treatment. They are an important part of the dental care team who provides chairside assistance and patient care as a dentist performs a procedure or checkup. For example, technical tasks could include helping with extractions, dental fillings, and implant installation. The assistants can cement crowns, take final impressions, and place fillings.

They are involved in duties as such-

  • Getting treatment rooms and patients ready for visits
  • Assist the Dentist with processes such as sterilizing and placing instruments and equipment.
  • Managing a high-tech dental lab and diagnostic tools
  • Patients' dental care information and questions
  • Making appointments for patients and sending out reminders
  • Assisting patients with insurance billing and payment concerns

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