Best Hospitals in the US 2023 by Staffed Beds

Best hospitals in the US have earned the title of being the best by functioning with high principles, using advanced technologies and improving the lives people. Ratings awarded for the hospitals in the US enhance the search towards receiving healthcare from a legally acclaimed medical professional for various medical ailments. Healthcare Mailing has done intensive cumulative analysis to provide you the list of top hospitals in the US

  • 55% by recommendations from hospitals through surveys
  • 30% by medical operation metrics
  • 15% by patient experience statistics.

As of 2023, quality healthcare has become a vital necessity, not just a privilege attained from the top hospitals with top-notch facilities in the US. Medical advancements have surged over the years, with the utilization of technologies creating increased opportunities to reach better medical outcomes. Hospitals in the US provide first-class treatments with cutting-edge medical care due to their technical progression each year, leading the US hospitals to be the best nationwide.

There are around 6,090 hospitals offering care and crucial access all over the US, yet a lack of suitable treatment is observed due to the amplified demand for staffed beds. Determining the best hospital in the US from the abundant tally of hospitals can be complex. Thus we have devised a list of the 50 best hospitals in the US ranked by their availability of staffed beds for the year 2023.

A list of best hospitals in the US assists businesses or patients looking for healthcare within the US to promote services or to acquire medications for their challenging health conditions from an optimal resource. A hospital is deemed the best by its national recognition for merits inpatient and staff outcome, clinical care, and physician fulfillment. Healthcare Mailing contemplates prime qualities for determining the finest hospitals in the US with the following aspects,

  • Patient-oriented Approach
  • Using Advanced Healthcare Equipment
  • Focused Administration
  • Progressive Technology
  • Genuine Pricing
  • Synchronized Care

Best hospitals in the US have recorded that the mortality rates are lower by 30% compared with other hospitals. We evaluate quality-oriented hospitals with specifications for staffed beds, 50 top hospitals in the US including New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell, Yale-New Haven Hospital, and UPMC Presbyterian & Shadyside as the top 3 hospitals in the US.

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1 New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell 2,410 New York - 1st place 84.70%
2 Yale New Haven Hospital 1,540 Connecticut - 1st place 79.70%
3 UPMC Presbyterian & Shadyside 1,493 Pennsylvania - 2nd place 80.10%
4 Barnes-Jewish Hospital 1,368 Missouri - 1st place 81.30%
5 Cleveland Clinic 1,285 Ohio - 1st place 93.70%
6 Mayo Clinic - Rochester 1,265 Minnesota - 1st place 97.30%
7 The Mount Sinai Hospital 1,161 New York - 2nd place 82.60%
8 NYU Langone Hospitals 1,127 New York - 3rd place 82.30%
9 Ohio State University - Wexner Medical Center 1,089 Ohio - 4th place 79.70%
10 Houston Methodist Hospital 1,043 Texas - 1st place 81.40%
11 Vanderbilt University Medical Center 1,033 Tennessee - 1st place 80.90%
12 Massachusetts General Hospital 1,011 Massachusetts - 1st place 93.30%
13 The Johns Hopkins Hospital 1,007 Maryland - 1st place 92.50%
14 University of Michigan Hospitals - Michigan Medicine 1,006 Michigan - 1st place 86.50%
15 Duke University Hospital 972 North Carolina - 1st place 82.30%
16 University of North Carolina Hospitals 920 North Carolina - 2nd place 78.90%
17 Northwestern Memorial Hospital 912 Illinois - 1st place 82.30%
18 Jefferson Health - Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals 888 Pennsylvania - 3rd place 79.40%
19 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 880 California - 4th place 83.10%
20 University of Kansas Hospital 875 Kansas - 1st place 80.30%
21 Mercy Hospital St. Louis 859 Missouri - 2nd place 79.80%
22 Baylor University Medical Center 824 Texas - 3rd place 78.10%
23 Brigham And Women's Hospital 804 Massachusetts - 2nd place 86.20%
24 UCSF Medical Center 782 California - 1st place 85.30%
25 Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania - Penn Presbyterian 780 Pennsylvania - 1st place 84.50%
26 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 704 Massachusetts - 3rd place 79.60%
27 UC San Diego Health - Jacobs Medical Center 701 California - 9th place 78.80%
28 Rush University Medical Center 697 Illinois - 2nd place 81.60%
29 Morristown Medical Center 693 New Jersey - 1st place 79.70%
30 University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center 691 Ohio - 2nd place 81.70%
31 University of Chicago Medical Center 648 Illinois - 3rd place 79.20%
32 University of Colorado Hospital 646 Colorado - 1st place 83.30%
33 Emory University Hospital 621 Georgia - 1st place 81.80%
34 University of Wisconsin Hospitals 617 Wisconsin - 1st place 82.20%
35 University of California - Davis Medical Center 605 California - 8th place 79.20%
36 University of Utah Hospital 578 Utah - 1st place 78.20%
37 OHSU Hospital 556 Oregon - 1st place 80.60%
38 Torrance Memorial Medical Center 512 California - 10th place 78.30%
39 Stanford Health Care - Stanford Hospital 477 California - 2nd place 85.30%
40 St. Cloud Hospital 471 Minnesota - 2nd place 79.30%
41 UT Southwestern Medical Center 459 Texas - 2nd place 80.00%
42 Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center 445 California - 3rd place 84.50%
43 University of Washington Medical Center 442 Washington - 1st place 82.00%
44 Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital 435 Ohio - 3rd place 80.00%
45 Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla 365 California - 6th place 80.80%
46 Keck Hospital of USC 330 California - 7th place 80.20%
47 Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital 284 Illinois - 4th place 78.90%
48 Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville 277 Florida - 1st place 80.60%
49 Mayo Clinic - Phoenix 276 Arizona - 1st place 82.40%
50 UCLA Medical Center - Santa Monica 265 California - 5th place 82.20%

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