25 Doctors Types and What They Do

In this article we'll help you to choose which type of doctor is right for you by taking a look at the different "types of doctors and what they do".

There are thousands of distinct kinds of medical specialists covering the US Health Care System. The duties and characteristics of doctors and specialists are generalized in this article. It is not meant to be all-inclusive and does not represent state-specific laws, legislation, rules, license requirements, or medical practice acts. It's intended to be informative and shouldn't be used as a replacement for seeking actual medical or therapeutic advice from a qualified practitioner.

Where should one begin when dealing with a particular health issue? First move: Establishing care with a primary care physician is smart since it gives you someone to manage your medical care. When the time comes, they'll collaborate with other physicians. When seeking medical attention, starting with your primary care physician is vital. They may also advise when you need to see a specialist.

Are you trying to decide what doctor specialty you want to approach? We have created this list to understand better the various types of doctors and what they perform in each specialty so you can decide to approach them right away.

The 25 Types Of Doctors and Medical Specialists are Explained Below

1. Family Physicians — Best Family Medicine Doctors

Primary care providers, often known as Family Physicians, are responsible for your basic healthcare appointments, such as annual physicals and vaccines. If you have a health issue, you should always consult your primary care physician first because they may assist in treating everything from the common cold to a physical injury. They'll typically make an effort to reduce any symptoms you may have, and they might also recommend seeing a different doctor or expert. If you want to engage with the best family physicians of US, you can reach us at Healthcare Mailing. The Family Medicine Physician Lists from Healthcare Mailing are the best in the business, with over a million healthcare professionals available. The Family Practice Physicians Mailing Lists allow marketers to reach highly qualified medical specialists crucial to consumers health and welfare.

2. Dentists — Dental Specialist

They assess the condition of the teeth and gums and look for problems like cavities and bleeding gums. You may gain an advantage over the competition and achieve your multichannel marketing objectives in the dental industry with the help of Healthcare Mailing's dentist mailing list. Healthcare Mailing offers dentist emails for sale if you want to dominate the lead conversion rate and boost your ROI. Purchase a US dentist list for your email marketing and lead-generating efforts.

3. Obstetrics and Gynecology — OBGYN Doctor

Women's medical and surgical care is the primary emphasis of this specialty. The primary focus of obstetrics is childbirth and the treatment of mothers before, during, and after. The treatment of the female reproductive system is the main focus of gynecology. An ob-gyn might serve as a consultant to other medical professionals or as the primary doctor whose patients visit frequently. The Obstetricians and Gynecologists Email List at Healthcare Mailing are made especially for medical marketers who want to promote items to obstetricians and gynecologists who work in healthcare facilities like clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and more.

4. Dermatologist — Dermatology Doctor

Almost everyone knows that dermatologists are the most knowledgeable regarding basic skincare. Still, they are also the medical professionals responsible for treating more severe skin conditions, hair loss, and nail anomalies. Skin cancer, rosacea, severe acne, and rashes are all addressed by professionals who also look at your symptoms, advise you on how to manage them, and, if necessary, offer a long-term treatment plan. Several surgical and aesthetic procedures, including soft tissue fillers, liposuction, anti-aging therapies, and skin reconstruction, are also carried out by dermatologists. Email Marketing is the best way to engage with dermatologists. So, Healthcare Mailing's dermatologists mailing list is perfect for promoting your skincare product, running a pharmaceutical campaign, or building connections with many dermatologists in the US. The Dermatologist Contact List can support your healthcare organization in embracing your planned internet marketing strategy better, ensuring that you reach your target audience as easily as possible.

5. Cardiologist — Cardiology Physician

These medical professionals look after your heart, although they'll probably intervene directly through high blood pressure, heart failure, or irregular heartbeats. Cardiologists frequently employ electrocardiography and physical stress testing to identify, treat, and avoid additional problems. After a heart attack, you'll also need to be under their supervision because your primary care physician might require monitoring for future heart disease. Utilize our continuously updated Cardiologists Mailing List to locate the perfect cardiologist for your market based on their areas of expertise and cutting-edge cardiac therapies. With Healthcare Mailing's 100% permission-passed and vetted cardiologist database, you can prospect 4X better.

6. Ophthalmologist — Pediatric Ophthalmologist

These medical professionals take care of your eyes medically and surgically, as opposed to an optometrist, who is in charge of eye exams, corrective lenses, and medication for some illnesses. Opticians only assist you with the overall fit of your contacts and glasses. If you age-relatedly develop a significant eye condition such as glaucoma or cataracts, ophthalmologists will also be required. The study of the functioning of the eye and visual system is known as ophthalmology. Any conditions that affect the anatomy of the eye, the orbit, or the visual pathways can be treated by an ophthalmologist. In addition, they can recommend glasses and contact lenses. Healthcare Mailing offers cost-effective Ophthalmologists Email Lists that are 100% privacy-compliant. You can widen your company's market reach using Healthcare Mailing's 90% accurate ophthalmologist database.

7. Gastroenterologist — Gastroenterology Specialists

Contrary to gastrologists, gastroenterologists are certified physicians who treat anything relating to your digestive system, including bad breath. For long-term care, they also assist you in managing conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. They might also check you for problems later in life, including a colonoscopy to check for colon cancer. Healthcare Mailing has innovatively produced a complete list of Gastroenterologist Email Addresses for hospitals and healthcare facilities in the USA. If you're looking for a gastroenterologist to endorse your pharmaceutical goods, medications, medical supplies, or hospital equipment, our gastroenterologist email addresses will give you the most precise way to get in touch with them. With the extensive gastroenterologist email list, you can enhance your brand globally and achieve marketing excellence.

8. Hematologist — Oncologist

A hematologist must evaluate blood-related problems if you have iron deficiency or more serious diseases like anemia or hemophilia (inability to clot). They can be helpful in both preventing and treating blood malignancies like leukemia. Buy an exclusive Hematologists Email list for better marketing opportunities. You may meet your business goals by boosting income and improving sales and conversion rates. Utilize our accurate Hematologist Email List to collaborate with a larger customer base. Using the Hematologist Email Database from Healthcare Mailing, healthcare marketers can connect with the doctors that treat blood-related problems and promote their products to them.

9. Neurologist — Neurology Doctor

Are you aware that neurologists are also in charge of treating spine-related issues and symptoms connected to the neurological system? Neurologists typically treat people who have had a stroke or are battling significant illnesses like Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), numbness, or nerve pain brought on by neuropathy. They can also help with migraines and excruciating headaches that won't go away. Using a CASS-certified Neurologist Email List from Healthcare Mailing will help your marketing initiatives launch 5 times more effectively. Locate the best neurologist in the USA based on their areas of expertise and use of contemporary nerve therapy, then send them a direct sales pitch.

10. Podiatrist — Podiatry Doctor

You should visit a podiatrist if your healthcare physician cannot treat your foot, ankle, or lower limb discomfort or problems. While physical injuries to the muscles, joints, or bones in the feet are the most common reason for seeing a podiatrist, these foot doctors can also treat the side effects of long-term diseases like diabetes. You may get all the necessary details on licensed and active podiatrists throughout the world from our thorough Lists of Podiatrists. You may reach the best podiatrists of US and grow your company internationally through the Healthcare Mailing's verified Podiatrists email list.

11. Pulmonologist — Pulmonary Doctor

Often used interchangeably with an immunologist, these doctors are in charge of alleviating any pain or health issues in your lungs and respiratory system. Pulmonologists are frequently recommended to you if you have asthma, but they may also diagnose and treat illnesses like lung cancer, COPD, and emphysema. The highly accurate pulmonologist email list from Healthcare Mailing could help you increase your conversion rate for a small investment. To guarantee that your marketing campaign is as successful as possible, our focused Pulmonologist Email List offers GDPR, CAN-SPAM, ESIL, CCPA, CASL, and CASS-certified contacts. If you use the Database of Pulmonologist Doctors, you can succeed in this fiercely competitive sector. We only include the best pulmonologists in our extremely reliable pulmonologist contact database.

12. Surgeons — Surgery Specialist

General surgeons need to be well-versed in all the many illnesses and ailments that could require surgery. The breasts, neck, peripheral vasculature, belly, and skin are the most frequently operated-on body parts by surgeons. They won't frequently do orthopedic, thoracic, urologic, or neurologic surgery, but they should be able to send patients to the appropriate surgeons in these fields. With the help of Healthcare Mailing’s CASS-certified Surgeons Email List , you can reach the best healthcare decision-makers. Extend your network to include the top general surgeons, specialists, medical professionals, and other decision-makers. Healthcare Mailing provides the most current, complete, and permission-passed surgeons mailing list to help you reach out to your targeted customers.

13. Oncologist — Oncology Doctor

Some people may find some issues in reaching the oncologist, especially if they have not yet received a diagnosis of cancer of any type. However, oncologists examine your body, blood, or tissue samples first. These specialists are still necessary even if they may treat benign tumors, which are not cancerous. The go-to doctors for cancer patients are oncologists, and they'll come up with treatment plans and coordinate follow-up care after you go into remission. The Oncologist Email Lists from Healthcare Mailing are designed for marketers to purchase our lists to use them methodically to achieve campaign excellence and improved performance. Our Medical Oncologist Email Lists were created to make dealing with decision-making Medical Oncologists easier and to facilitate discussions with a global audience.

14. Radiologists — Radiology Doctors

These specialized care providers only meet you briefly for one reason: tests. After a doctor or your primary care provider requests a test, radiologists employ imaging of all kinds to make an official diagnosis. The specialist who requested the test or your main physician will receive a thorough report from the radiologist. Through Healthcare Mailing's radiologists email lists, you can extend your clientele while adjusting your marketing techniques to target and reach the appropriate group. You can target the correct customers with your goods and services at the right time by using our tailored mailing lists of radiologists. You can use Healthcare Mailing's customized Radiologist Mailing Address List to start productive multichannel marketing initiatives.

15. Plastic surgeons — Plastic Surgery Specialists

The plastic surgeons are experts in correcting, reconstructing, or replacing any physical flaws in how the body looks or works. A significant portion of the specialty is cosmetic plastic surgery, which is done to enhance someone's appearance. Plastic surgeons are essential for helping with skin grafts, tissue transfer that may be required due to accidents or complicated wounds, and cosmetic plastic surgery. With Healthcare Mailing's Plastic Surgeons Email List, marketers won't miss any opportunities to showcase their brand, stay consistent in communications, and establish their brand as the go-to option for closing sales.

16. Psychiatrist — Psychiatry Doctor

Psychiatrists prevent, identify, and handle emotional, behavioral, and addiction illnesses. These may consist of illnesses including anxiety, substance misuse, schizophrenia, and other conditions. Many of these problems are treated by psychiatrists through discussion, frequently in an individual or group context. Patients may also receive pharmacological therapy. To assist marketers in reaching their target clients with their high-quality goods and services, Healthcare Mailing provides the most accurate and trustworthy Psychiatrists Email lists. Email marketing may be a powerful tool for connecting with Psychiatrists and boosting conversion rates. Healthcare Mailing's psychiatrist email database is regularly updated and verified to maintain the best quality.

17. Urologist — Urology Specialist

A urologist is a highly specialized healthcare professional who treats both men and women's bladder and urethral pain and other disorders affecting the urinary tract. They can assist you in passing a kidney stone or solve incontinence; for men, they can even address reproductive issues. Reach genuine prospects and increase your ROI by purchasing Healthcare Mailing’s urologist email list. Healthcare Mailing has an accurate, privacy-compliant, and 100% permission-passed list of urologists. You may quickly email a urologist using our 100% Opt-In Urologist Data.

18. Endocrinologist — Endocrinology Specialist

If you have diabetes or a thyroid condition, an endocrinologist can help you identify the problem's root cause or work through long-term treatments. Internal glands that create hormones and perform other body activities are examined and treated by these specialists. With the help of Healthcare Mailing's CASS-certified Endocrinologists Email List, you can prevail in this extremely competitive market. Due to time constraints, endocrinologists find it difficult to browse b2b healthcare products and services. The Endocrinologist Physicians List is continually updated, compliant with all data policies, and routinely verified to assist you with your multichannel marketing initiatives.

19. Allergist — Immunologist

The doctor sees if you're unsure if you have an allergy or infection is known to be an allergist. These experts may assist with detecting and treating allergies and controlling asthma, certain lung problems, and immunodeficiency disorders. Injections can be administered to allergy sufferers by an allergist to aid in the long-term management of their allergies. Healthcare Mailing’s Allergist Mailing List is continually updated to offer the most current, high-quality, and verified contacts. Select email marketing lists for the healthcare sector to connect with thousands of important healthcare executives, specialists, and doctors in the allergy and immunology department. To assist you in generating qualified sales leads and customers for your company that has been verified, validated, and updated.

20. Pediatrician — Pediatrician Doctor

Keeping children's immunizations up to date and performing critical tests as they grow is the role of the pediatrician. Pediatricians are a fantastic place to start if you have any specific health issues or inquiries regarding your child's physical or mental development. By communicating with the right people, you may launch more goal-oriented B2B initiatives. If your business deals with mother-child items, pharmaceuticals, childcare products, and other things, you may find Healthcare Mailing’s pediatrician email lists helpful. It's no longer difficult to get your point through; you can now email a pediatrician affordably and take care of them in the long run.

21. Internist — Internal Medicine Doctor

These medical professionals perform similar work to primary care providers in that they can see patients regularly throughout their lives. Unlike their counterparts, however, they typically have training in internal medicine and work in hospitals. Patients of all ages are cared for by internists, especially those who require assistance in diagnosing or managing chronic disorders or diseases. Children and preteens are typically not treated by internists. Additionally, they could focus on specific fields, like gastroenterology. Healthcare Mailing adheres to the concept that our clients should only receive high-quality data and information to assist them in running the most successful marketing campaigns and producing the most leads. Our Internal Medicine Physicians Email Lists are gathered after careful and in-depth investigation and development.

22. Nephrologist — Kidney Specialists

The medical professionals are interested in one organ in your body—the kidney. They are frequently contacted for long-term treatment of numerous major chronic renal disorders. Patients with kidney failure might also need dialysis. Nephrologists treat kidney disorders as well as fluid and mineral imbalances that are related to renal disorders. They also handle hypertension. Healthcare Mailing's comprehensive nephrologist database, with the most recent and relevant information, will be made available via the Nephrologist Mailing List. You will have the best chance to establish business ties with new clients and organizations worldwide using a nephrologist email list. Marketers will always be prepared with our nephrologists email marketing lists to seize any opportunity for business expansion and growth.

23. Otolaryngologist — ENT Doctor

These expert surgeons treat your head and neck as well, but they concentrate on conditions relating to the sinuses, hearing, and throat, among other things. Since they focus mostly on your "ear, nose, and throat," they are more frequently referred to as ENTs. An ENT can help with swallowing, hearing, and sinus problems, allergies, and the symptoms of allergens. Healthcare Mailing’s otolaryngologist email lists are designed for successful email marketing. With the otolaryngologists email list, you can get the most out of your marketing initiatives and connect with senior-level managers.

24. Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist gives patients medication to numb their pain during surgery. They monitor the patient's vital signs while operating on them. They frequently handle hospital emergencies like cardiac arrest and abrupt breathing issues. Healthcare Mailing’s anesthesiologist email lists make the entire marketing process simpler. Targeted campaigns help generate business leads that may be converted and used to promote and sell pharmaceutical and medical supply products.

25. Geriatric Doctors — Geriatric Specialists

Some older patients may switch from a primary care physician to what is known as a geriatric specialist in the medical field. Geriatricians take over the primary care of aging patients and can assist in managing illnesses that have an especially negative effect on the aged. They see patients in clinics, hospitals, homes, and assisted living facilities. Geriatricians Email Lists from Healthcare Mailing are very responsive, accurate, and complete, and they can help you run multichannel marketing campaigns to produce quality leads. Marketers can quickly get their messages to the right inboxes using our Geriatrician Mailing List. Roll out your marketing campaigns now!

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