Virtual Reality- Driving Exceptional Growth in the Healthcare Industry

The emerging technology Virtual Reality turns to prominent in the healthcare industry without taking too much time. VR has a multitude of applications and opportunities in healthcare marketing. Today, 18 percent of US medical professionals are using virtual reality; the figure will grow exponentially in years to come. Through using high-end VR devices, medical students can witness and understand a range of complicated scenarios. The pattern will certainly persist in the health industry. The major factors driving global virtual reality growth in the healthcare industry include increased incidences of neurological disorders, growing demand for advanced diagnostic tools, an improved understanding of the benefits of VR technologies.

Virtual Reality is Designed for the Healthcare Sector to Transform

Medical Training

Virtual Reality is widely using for medical training. Through this, the medical professionals and students can access and view the inner parts of the body. With the help of VR, the doctors and students can see the minute parts of the body; it would enhance the learning and major surgeries.

Medical Reality is one of the advanced technology used by healthcare professionals. It delivers high-quality surgical training. This technique film 4K 360-degree video from various angles and combined it to perform well.


VR has made remarkable space in the treatment as well. Many hospitals and medical professionals are using Virtual Reality for patient care, robotic surgery, mental health and psychological therapies, pain management and physical therapy, to get a better result. VR has proved its power to cure cube memory loss, help autistic children, and gather information for dementia research.

Medical Marketing

Virtual Reality is one of the most popular marketing technologies across all industries. It is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools. VR is using even in the medical field to promote the products and services in an advanced manner. One of the notable campaigns generated by GlaxoSmithKline to aware of the audience about Migraine went popular because of the use of advanced VR.

Disease Awareness

Pharmaceutical research & development company AbbVie came up with an awareness program for medical practitioners to provide an insight into the struggles of patients with Parkinson's disease. Hence, the use of Virtual Reality in the field of healthcare is tremendously increasing.

Virtual Reality Healthcare Market Analysis

In the growth of the healthcare market, the global Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality ( VR) was estimated at USD 568.7 million in 2016 and is expected to rise at a CAGR of 29.1 percent over the forecast period. One of the main reasons driving the growing acceptance of VR technologies is the growing convergence of technology and digitalization in healthcare, increasing healthcare spending and emphasis on providing quality health services, and its importance in educating healthcare professionals.

Increasing demand for advanced testing methods increased incidences of neurological conditions, growing advantages and understanding of virtual reality technology is driving the growth of the global healthcare market for VR. However, consumer worries over personal protection, high healthcare costs, and lack of understanding in developed nations about the use of virtual reality technologies impede market development. On the other hand, an increase in the use of VR in cancer treatments and innovative dental procedures was anticipated in the coming years to generate new possibilities.

Find Future in VR

One of the most effective marketing strategies for healthcare that come into play is the opportunity to use VR to predict the potential future. It sounds like science fiction, and it feels like it too, but it's a fact. By using virtual reality to project into someone's body, results of age, diet, exercise, cancer, medications, or surgical procedures, healthcare advertisers can help people see themselves in a potential future. Virtual realism not only assists people to realize the consequences of illness or disorder but also to observe those effects on their bodies in complete and practical terms.

There are countless opportunities; healthcare communications experts will be able to draw more customers, nursing staff, and high-caliber physicians to their hospitals. At a time where all of those are in short supply, VR will provide an outstanding marketing platform for healthcare that can ensure hospitals are flourishing. Many of the above programs are also in their infancy. In the coming years, VR will be increasingly used to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of current procedures and to enhance human capacity as the caregiver as well as the patient. Hopefully, in the upcoming years, the VR will make significant changes in the healthcare industry.

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