How Chatbots Can Improve Patients Experience in Healthcare


This generation is experiencing the most advanced form of marketing and engagement. For the past few years, the healthcare sectors are getting immense benefits from the chatbots. Chatbots are the most advanced form of conversational software that requires having efficient engagement with the patients. This software can be available in the web application or standalone apps. Having a conversation with the patients enhances their value and also the positive vibe for the hospitality.

Just as a human makes conversation with the patients, and asks them about their on-time health and problems. In the same manner, this software enquires about the patient. The chatbot provides AI in healthcare solutions to the patients without any further knowledge of the doctors. These chatbots are computed to provide necessary details, just like a health assistant, and is the new Healthcare trends now.

It runs on the (NLP) algorithm that stands for Natural Language Processing. Some of the popular chatbots are Apple Siri, Google Now, and also Microsoft's Cortana. This artificial intelligence is capable of dealing with the people and providing them answer as a personal assistant. It has technologies that make it learn human languages and access to the solutions. In the future, the chatbots seem to take over most of the human-run platforms.

In this article, you will have a perfect piece of knowledge about the types, benefits of the software in a detailed manner.

Types of Chatbots

Here are some of the inevitable chatbots that are in use. These chatbots are mainly used in the health sectors that answer the patients. If a patient is unable to remember the period and a particular medicine, the bot can do so. Here are some chatbots used in the healthcare sector:

Florence- This super chatbot was launched in 2017, after the name of Florence Nightingale. It works in the same way as a personal nurse and can put a correct alarm for the medicine. Just as a nurse takes care of their patient, this chatbot can deliver the same result. More than 2000 users are connecting to the Florence chatbot daily and making it the most likable software for the future to bring AI in healthcare.

To make the chatbot work, the patients need to provide necessary details of the medicine, time interval, present weight, and also daily diet. It reminds the patients of the medicine, workouts, and daily exercise to keep the body in perfect condition.

This software not only restricts these features but is also keen on finding relevant doctors, nearby pharmacies. They sent messages to them and notify about the patient's health and the needed medicine.

Forksy- For a patient or in general, it is important to have the correct knowledge about the daily calories. This chatbot can calculate the intake of calories and provides essential information on a healthy diet. Forksy can be easily accessed through Facebook.

This software is seen as the health diary, and necessary information of the diet can be stored in it. After providing the necessary information about the food on a particular day, it can calculate the calories. Thus, it helps in rendering information on the daily situation of the body without any failure.

Sensely- This chatbot helps in keeping track of the health symptoms. Patients can directly communicate with the chatbot through SMS as well as verbal feature. When the chatbot is informed about the necessary information on the health and the symptoms, it diagnoses automatically. The result is sent in the form of an SMS or speech feature. The user needs to connect the bot with the Bluetooth to communicate with it.

Woebot- Nowadays, one of the most medical issues is depression. It is studied that depression leads to several issues of mental degradation. Woebot works as a personal therapist. It is computed with CBT or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The bot can read the mental health by listening to the voice and the speech of the user.

It renders the on-time solution, which helps the user to lighten their mood. This is the latest and the most advanced creation for the well-being of a human.

GYANT- Also known as the symptom checker, this bot can be handy on Facebook Messenger. The algorithm in the chatbot helps in connecting with a physician through SMS service.

CancerChatbot- One of the most important questions that arise regarding the effectiveness of the chatbot is; How to improve patients in the experience? The cancerbot knows the effective measures that can help the patient to gain on-time information. The virtual assistant provides all the information and also necessary steps that should be taken.

Enhancing patient engagement through chatbots

When a patient suffers from any kind of medical issue, it is best to interact with them all times. The patient needs to share as well as know about their health according to their likings. Here comes the chatbot, with the feature to attend the patient 24*7.

In this hustle and bustle life, Technology in healthcare plays a crucial role. It vests the freedom in the patient to connect at all times. Here are some of the uses of chatbots in Technology in healthcare sectors.

  • Engagement of patients- The chatbot serves as the direct medium between the healthcare center and the patients. It rends exact information from the patients to the doctors. Sometimes the AI in healthcare helps in providing the necessary solutions for trifle issues. When the patients can directly convey their message to healthcare, it enhances the engagement of them.
  • Customer service- In the healthcare business, it is essential to render top-notch customer service. The chatbot helps in making an appointment, reminders, and also timely refilling medication.
  • Timely update- If the patients need to undergo a surgical process, the chatbot notifies them and the family members. It also provides necessary information regarding the surgery and pre-hand knowledge about it.

These are some bright spot of the chatbot in the medical sectors. After a few years, the chatbot will undertake several sectors for the betterment of the patients said Healthcare Mailing. Thus chatbots are the latest Healthcare trends in the medical sector business.

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